The Pixar Theory

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The Pixar Theory

Maria Seiple, A&E editor

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Pixar has always been a Trevor trove for theorists, and with the releases of COCO hundreds of people are wondering how it fits into the popular theory known as the Pixar Theory.

The Pixar theory is a theory based on the idea that all Pixar films are connected and take place in a single universe.

This means that The Incredibles, Cars, Monsters Inc, Insides Out, etc all take place in the same world.

The timeline starts with the Good Dinosaur and ends with Monsters Inc. Throughout the timeline, there is said to be an evolution of the earth. With animals becoming more intelligent, toys gaining sentience, Humans gaining superhuman abilities, humans leaving earth and cars taking over, and finally the evolution of monsters.

Another major part of this theory is the belief that the character Boo from monsters Inc. connects them all.

The belief is that Boo has superpowers like the Incredibles, based on her ability to seemingly have teleported to a location. As she grows older she can’t forget about sully and decides to search for him. This causes her to travel the world and timelines searching for her friend. Eventually, she ends up in Scotland and studies the magic their in the hope to learn enough to bring back sully. In fact, she takes a special interest in wood and bears.

Sound familiar, well I’m currently describing the witch from Brave.

Now you might say that this theory is far-fetched, but there’s a lot of evidence.

Throughout the company’s history, Pixar has been known to leave cameos and tidbits from its other films, for example, the pizza truck and the company BnL. This shows that the films may partake in the same world with the same brands.

Characters from other movies have also shown up in other films such as Riley being featured in Finding Dory.

Of course, there are certain problems with the theory but as Pixar makes more movies the theory will continue to grow and change. Who knows maybe it’ll be cannon someday.