Dana’s Voice: Dana’s Favorite Disney Characters

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Dana’s Voice: Dana’s Favorite Disney Characters

Kelly Yoshimura, Editor-in-Chief

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Disney and their characters have influenced and inspired people since its creation in 1923. After asking a series of Dana students what their favorite Disney character was and why. Here was their response.

Emily Rodriguez exclaims, “Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is my favorite character because he’s cute and fluffy, and he met a girl that turned him from evil to good.”

On a darker note, Giovanna Penning’s response was, “Scar. He’s mysterious and made The Lion King interesting, he’s definitely one of the best Disney villains.”

Nico Capalia’s favorite character is, “The 63rd dalmatian of 101 Dalmatians, he isn’t very relevant, but without him, he doesn’t complete the set.”

On a more serious note, Miah Owens responds, “Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog is such an important and my favorite character because she represents the black community, specifically black women in media and film.”

“Timon and Pumbaa are carefree and positive about life, they’re amazing!” claims Summer Accetta.

Turning to a Pixar side, Joshua Patapoff says, “Lightning McQueen is my favorite character because he’s loyal to his friends.”

Ethan Vuoso also enjoys Pixar, stating, “Wall-E is a curious robot, definitely my favorite character.”

Ryenne Skoblar says,”Rapunzel smacks people with frying pans, what’s not to like? She’s adventurous I guess too.”

Even our teachers love Disney!

Mr. Quan, the 8th-grade math teacher says,”Winnie the Pooh is a carefree little bear, he enjoys life without making it complicated.”

The 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Evanow claims,”Ariel is my favorite Disney character because I love the ocean, and I remember pretending I was a mermaid when I was younger. The movie also takes me back when I watched it with my daughters.”

Disney characters influence our lives and are models of who we choose to be. Some of Dana’s favorite characters included, Stitch and Ariel.