Activities To Do On Rainy Days

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Activities To Do On Rainy Days

Kimberly Falcon, Staff Writer

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  • Family Movie Night

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When you and your family are bored, you can make popcorn, get soda, and turn on the T.V. and put on Netflix. Put on a movie and let the fun start!



  • Fort Fun

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When you and your little brother, sister, or cousins get bored, make a little fort with them and have fun with them and eat popcorn. Watch a movie that you all will like to watch.



  • Break Out the Board Games


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When you are bored, and it’s raining why not you go and get out your board games and spend some quality time with your family. You can have fun and you can see who is better at board games and have a little competition.



  • Rain Sticks

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You can create this with a paper towel tube, crayons, tin foil, masking tape, dry rice, and a long pipe cleaner. Color the paper towel tube any color and decorate, fasten tin foil to one end with masking tape then coil the pipe cleaner and fit it in the tube along with the rice. This will make a “rain stick,” a fun noise making toy.



  • Scavenger Hunt with Your Family


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When you are bored and your little brother or sister are also bored, ask your parents if you can have an indoor scavenger hunt. While you and your siblings are in a room your parents can set up the scavenger hunt and go have fun.



  • Kitchen Fun with Family


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You can make some of your family recipes if you’re celebrating something. You can even make some pancakes or cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner so you can spend some quality time with your family.



  • Hide and Seek


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If your little brother or sister want to play you can play hide and seek and have fun. You can play inside and after you play a game take a rest then play another game so nobody gets tired that easily.


  • Dance Party

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You can go and play Just Dance on a console and just have a little dance party and have a fun. You can even have a little dance competition, and whoever wins can get a reward.


  • Read a Book

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You can read a book when you’re bored and it’s raining outside and the time can pass by very fast. When you come back to school and the book that you read is finished, you can go and take a reading counts test.



  • Charades

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You can play charades with your family and see who is the best at guessing games and see if they can guess the word. You can even have a little guessing contest and whoever can guess the most words then they can get a reward.