Marvel Infinity War


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

On November 29, 2017  Marvel Entertainment posted a trailer  which the Marvel fandom has waited for, for about 2 years and was soon trending number 1  on youtube. The trailer in question is for the upcoming Marvel film, Marvel Infinity War.

When the trailer starts you see what looks like a  dieing version of the Planet Morag which holds an Infinity Stone. There are 6 of these said stones in all; they are all spread throughout the Marvel universe. The space stone known as the tesseract located in the following movies like Thor, The Avengers, and Captain America. The mind stone known as Chitauri Scepter in located in the following movies, The Avengers, The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, and Civil War. Reality Stone known as Aether located in The Dark World.

Bye bye bill

The power stone known as orb is located in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The time stone known as Eye of Agamotto located in the movie Doctor Strange.  And the soul stone unknown where and what it’s called in the movie of the time of this being wrote. 5 seconds in you see Tony Stark, Iron Man, holding a hand which looks like it his, but if you look at it for a few seconds you can see it looks blackish like a fellow friend or Avenger, or one of the 70 characters in this movie.


In the background, you can hear Nick Fury and other and other avengers like Thor saying the quote that brought them together, “There was an idea, to bring a group of remarkable people, to see if we can become, something more, so if they need us, we could fight the battles, that they could never could”.

Next, you see Hulk in his human form, Bruce Banner, slammed in the ground while Dr.Strange and Wong looking at Bruce. Then you switch to Vision in his human form and Wanda, Scarlet Witch, staring at each other in a deep manor like something happened or like a drama show. It quickly switches to Thor in the Quadrant looking out the window maybe at morag? It goes to Bruce next to the hulk buster hand and Black Widow looking at him with blond hair. It switches to Wong, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark looking at the door, then Doctor Strange walks up to the door, looks back then opens it.

Then, you see Peter Parker, Spider Man, in a bus having Spider sense, knowing something bad will happen a few second before. He looks back and sees a huge round flouting portel, then everyone looks back. It goes to Stark, Wong, Bruce, and Strange looking at something. It goes to looking handing the Tesseract to what looks like Thanos but is not known. And now, Thanos comes through a portal showing how he looks, and he is mighty alright.

Next, you see Spiderman in the Iron Spider costume fighting Thanos. Then, you see Thor holding another portal in pain together. It goes to a dark figure getting a blue staff thrown at him, which Black Panther says”get this man a shield”, then out comes outlaw Captain America with grown hair since Captain America Civil War. It switches to hulk buster jumping.

Jimmy and Bill

Next you see these black pillars falling into the wilderness. It goes to tons of people fighting each-other until one scene which caught my eye. It shows Vision getting his Infinity Stone taken out, and it means he’s might die in this movie because thanos wants those stones no matter what, and Vision is made of one. You see The Avengers, Black Panther, and other superheroes running into the fight, then it goes into the Avengers logo. If you watch past that part you see Thor and The Guardians of the Galaxy meet each other. This movie is hyped to be the movie too kill of most of your superheros like one know to be Captain America and Hulk, not saying they will but here are some more examples. Iron Man, Loki, Thor, Black Widow, and some that probably won’t die are spiderman and black Panther. Also, this movie has been waited for 3 years, and has had a ton of work done on it. “I can’t wait for Marvel Infinity War to come out” said Joseph Contlases, sorry if I got the name wrong.

Some changes are Iron Man’s Arc Reactor is now a triangle. One big change is Spider Man’s Iron Spider suit. Vision is human, but he was shown not later in the trailer. No other big changes as the trailer shows except for Black Widows new blond hair. It will such a great movie when it comes out, and all Marvel Fans know it will, so this is my so far review of Marvel Infinity War.