Flu Kills 42 People in California


Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

This flu season may be and is already one of the worst flu season in recent years. With ER’s being filled up across the country and there being already 42 flu related deaths, this year’s flu season may continue on and be a very bad year.

Flu seasons are a span of six weeks or more in the winter months that are a prime time for influenza or the flu to spread. This year’s strain of influenza is really stretching our healths systems.

Hospital ER’s are being filled to the brim across the state and pharmacies are being overworked where in some cases, they don’t have enough flu medicine called tamiflu.

But the biggest cause of this virus may be due to the fact that the flu vaccinations aren’t working. Flu vaccines work by injecting a dead or weakened virus into your system so that your body knows what to fight when you actually get the flu. They also have to predict what strain of the virus comes next and they predicted wrong, so those flu shots you got, most likely didn’t work.

Also, Lynnette Brammer the head of CDC’s Domestic Influenza Surveillance team said, ”It affects elderly and young children more than the others”, and,”tend to be the ones that are more severe, and by severe I mean they have more hospitalizations and frequently more deaths in those years.”

Also, with the recent mudslides and wildfires it seems like California had a bad year. But what’s very scary about this strain of flu are the stories about how a person can be healthy but then they come down with the flu and in less than 48 hours, they’re dead. This happened to a San Jose mom who was said to be,”fun-loving, athletic — a marathon runner — and looking forward to starting a new job as an executive assistant at Applied Materials after the new year.”

Only 48 hours after coming down with the flu, she died. And this isn’t just a stand alone case, there have been many of these cases this flu season.

The flu can be scary sometimes and horrible to have, but if you need some help finding how to not get the flu I would recommend visiting Cole Brunke’s article about how you can stay away from the flu.