Makeup: Does it Fit Your Skin Tone?

Makeup: Does it Fit Your Skin Tone?

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Lately, there are not that many quality foundations or concealers for people of color. A lot of makeup up brands have mostly white foundations and concealers while people of color get stuck with something that doesn’t match their skin tone. This makes them look lighter than they actually are, like vampires, or too dark.

One major culprit of not providing makeup options for people of color is a brand called Tarte. Their new makeup line “Shape Tape” is known for their concealers. Now, there’s a foundation to go along with it. However, they only offer 2 shade options for people of color, out of 15 different shades. A lot of controversy stirred up and fans got angry. It later said that it wasn’t ready and that they “will do better” in a later Instagram post. This is only one example of what makeup brands do.

Even though some popular makeup brands don’t have people of color friendly makeup, there are a few that do. For example, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna was recently released in September of 2017. This makeup brand has over 40 foundation shades with matching concealers, contours, highlighters, lip gloss, and more to come. There is also another brand called Lancome which also has 40 shades of foundation with matching concealers.

There should be more makeup for people of color ,as  there is not enough with the right shades. Even if the makeup brand has 20 shades it will still be not enough because everyone is different. Not everyone is porcelain white or mocha brown skin. Not everyone has a flat, flawless face; there is always acne, undertones, and discoloration. Yet some makeup brands still think that.