Valentine’s Day: Over-or-Under-rated?


Kelly Yoshimura, Editor-in-Chief

February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, has been a day that marks love and romance on our calendars, but when you’re single, or even widowed, this day could be a day of loneliness and sadness around the world.

When you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, all seems right, but some single people beg to differ. Being single on this day can be a reminder that they are single, and while everyone is out enjoying the day with their significant other, they’re stuck being alone, continuing on as if it were any other day.

On the other hand, people in relationships tend to enjoy their time, setting up romantic dates, a little more affection, roses, chocolates, gifts; the reason to love Valentine’s day is endless.

Many argue that Valentine’s Day should be more inclusive, and serve as day to show your love to your friends and family, “Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, it’s about love in general, platonic or not,” states a Dana student.

¨Valentine’s Day is an amazing time to spend with anyone you love, whether or not it´s in a relationship or regular friendship.”

But despite the cheerful message Valentine’s Day sends across the world, the origin of the day could be enough to despise it, single or not.

Saint Valentine, the saint who the day is named after was alive during a time where Emperor Claudius II had decided that single, unmarried men were better soldiers than those with wives and children, thus leading to marriage being illegal.

Valentine, seeing the injustice that was occurring, began marrying people in secret, many people were wedded because of Saint Valentine, but soon Claudius found out and ordered an execution on none other than February 14th.  

But overlooking the dark background, Valentine’s Day is either one of the bests, or one of the worst holidays on our calendar.