Even More Logan Paul ‘Controversy’


Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

Youtube has been in some hot water recently, due two creators overstepping boundaries and Youtube looking the other way.

As of recently you have most likely have heard of what Logan Paul did in Japan’s “suicide forest” but if you don’t know here’s the down low on what happened: Logan Paul made a vlog in Japan’s suicide forest and said they were going camping off the trail, which by the way wasn’t allowed there. He continued on into the forest that was known for people to commit suicide, he then faces the camera and says that there’s a dead body hanging. Later, he goes to the body and starts to make jokes, he then left and called the authorities.

For three days that was on Youtube without it getting taken down even though in youtube’s terms and services it says clearly states,”No violent or morbid content that pretends to be offensive, sensational or unjustified should be published. If a video is particularly explicit or unpleasant, it must be accompanied by an appropriate context or additional information that justifies its publication.”

In the video it clearly shows a dead body and Logan must have known not to film what he filmed, but recently there have been a trend with youtubers that push youtube’s terms and service, but usually it’s not enough for a video to be taken down but Logan’s video was a clear violation and the only reason it isn’t on youtube right now is because he took it down for all the bad PR.

Youtubers have been doing this recently for what MatPat from Game Theorists calls the “Logan Loophole.” He calls it this because Logan and his brother (and other Youtubers) would make a “controversy.” Then the video would get media attention and youtube’s algorithm would see that the video is getting attention, but not good attention and it would put it at trending and on the homepage. This is a major flaw with Youtubes system and it’s being exploited, and one day if not stopped this will get worse.

And stemming from Logan Paul’s video, people on youtube would make reactions such as the youtuber Morges, she made a video called ‘Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Video Reaction and Thoughts.’ The video is about 30 minutes long and in most of it she’s talking about how disgusting Logan Paul’s video was. But the thing is, a couple of days after posting a video her channel got a strike, if you get multiple strikes your channel, it can be taken down or as youtube puts it,”Repeated violation of the Community Rules or the Terms of Service.” But the thing was is that she showed the video but she never showed the dead body, that is not a violation of their terms of services. Recently she did get her strike down and her video not age restricted. But this is not a stand alone case, on Youtube multiple people have gotten their channel striked or their channel taken down even though most of them or all of them didn’t do anything wrong. And so making people think that youtube is “favoriting” Logan.