The Puppy Bowl: Team Ruff vs Team Fluff

Puppy Bowl


Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

On February 4th, Animal Planet hosted an event on their channel called, the “Puppy Bowl.”  This year was Animal Planet’s 13th annual “Puppy Bowl.” The main purpose of the Puppy Bowl is to help pets all over the world get into good homes.  In the “Puppy Bowl,” they always say which shelters that the puppies are from so that they can have more pets adopted.

The winners from last year was Team Fluff 93-38 which  made another team, Team Ruff, the underdogs. This year, Team Fluff won again 52-47. They took the Lombarky trophy home again with a closer game. But, Team Ruff also had its own set of troubles. First of all, one of their best players, Peanut, refused to go to training camp and one of their other players, Chamois, got sick.

Though we mostly saw dogs, there were other pets around as well. They had hamsters in a blimp for an aerial view, bunnies, pigs, ducks for cheerleaders, a kitten skybox, Jokgu the chicken played the National Anthem, as well as Meep the bird who was posting updates on Instagram and Twitter, and a cat halftime show. Even though they were not on screen for very long, it did show that all species are welcome to the “Puppy Bowl.”

As well as a variety of animals, the “Puppy Bowl” also had an variety of sponsors.  Some of these include a kiss cam that Tinder sponsored, Pedigree sponsored the starting lineup, the “Puppy Bowls” new stadium it was sponsored by Geico. Also, Bissell sponsored the whole game as well as for the toys. Finally, Subaru sponsored along with Wisdom Panel for the breed count.

In addition to the “Puppy Bowl”  Animal Planet also hosted a new special called the “Dog Bowl” so that they could give a chance for the older dogs. The teams were “Paws” and “Tails.” Team “Paws ” won 52-14 before the clock finished. Even though it is not very popular, it did give older dogs some of the spotlight.

Along with a new lineup every year in the “Puppy bowl,” they also got a new stadium. After 13 years of the same stadium, Animal Planet decided a change was needed. This new stadium is complete with a skybox, offices for the team captains, locker rooms, and a bone shaped field. A new assistant coach is a new addition as well  The new coach is a sloth named Shirley who was wearing a referee shirt. Even though she was supposed to stay at the sidelines, she took a toy and made a touchdown.

Overall, the “Puppy Bowl” is a great way for pets to get adopted. There are over 3 million people watching and a lot of those people can adopted the dogs that they see in the shelters. The Lombarky trophy was won this year by Team Fluff, but who will get it next year?