Ursula’s Head From the Little Mermaid Falls Off


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

On January 28, 2018, the Ursula A 100 bot at Disney’s California Adventures head fell off. It was normal day at California Adventures, but when friends went on the Little Mermaid ride, they see a horrific thing. They went on the ride like a normal person, until they showed up into the dark cave, where Ursula stays,and witnessed Ursula’s head off hanging from a wire, all the while still singing. Well, I could speak for all of us, and say that is creepy.

The girl who shot the clip posted the video on twitter thought it was, creepy. This ride is one of the more famous rides with little kids, along with bugs land and Soarin Around the World, also the wait can get up to 50 minutes on rush days, mostly holidays.

The ride opened on June 3rd,  2011, as a part of the huge renovation that opened up attractions like Cars Land. Also, they made another version of the ride in The Magic Kingdom.

With 7 years alive, why would Ursula’s head just, fall off. One idea is that it just got wet in the dark, cold area, and rusted, the broke, not being able to see the rust.

Another reason maybe that it’s just a buggy ride, always stopping. It’s just, such a new ride with all of these bugs. Also, on the same day, a character from Pirates of the Caribbean’s head fell off two, are they twins or what.