What Your Favorite Color Says About You


Paul Armendariz and Alex Van Duyne

 What is your favorite color? Take a long think about it. Once it’s in your head, keep reading.

Now, have you ever thought that maybe that favorite color is significant? Maybe there’s a reason why it is your favorite? Well guess what, it could be– keep reading to find out what your favorite color may say about you.


If your favorite color is burgundy, you’re definitely the laid-back type. Responsibilities often fly over your head, usually leaving you in a state of panic. Luckily, your many friends are always there to help you, as you are always there to help them. You tend to be quite protective over people who are close to you, and can get angry rather quickly. You straight up do not care what people think of you, and wish everyone felt the same way.

Candy Red:

People who like candy red are often very moody. You might be filled with joy one moment, and overcome with anger the next. Your skill of leadership is one of the greatest, and you enjoy taking initiative in tasks. Friends often look up to you for help and advice, or maybe for one of your famous jokes! You’re generally a good person to be around, and inspire others to be better.


If your favorite color is brown you’re most likely very traditional and a minimalist. You don’t like it when everything feels cluttered, in your room and in your mind. You have a simplistic view on life. Your friends will know that you’re very down to Earth, but sometimes very stubborn. In the end you know what you want but don’t like to overcomplicate. In addition, you’re great at giving advice because of your ability not to overthink.


People who like the color orange are usually enthusiastic, social, and high achievers. You have tons of goals, and you’ll do whatever it takes to complete them, unless it means you have to give up your happiness. Your most significant goal is to be happy. You’re very indirect and sometimes get angry easily. However, usually when you’re angry you prefer to let it out when you’re alone so you don’t change the mood around your peers.


If your favorite color is one of the many shades of yellow you most likely are stubborn, adore music, and are very energetic. You’re pretty honest and like to voice your opinions about media, political ideas, and everything in between. You probably have a different taste in music compared to your peers and friends. You may come off as loud and even annoying, but you’re just excited and ready for a good time.


If you prefer the color green, you’re definitely a fiery type. You have very strong opinions over pretty much anything, and love sharing them with everyone you meet. Even though you’re quite loud with others, you also prefer some peace and quiet from time to time. Activities that involve nature probably appeal to you greatly, and partaking in them with friends is the best. Others may say that the world doesn’t revolve around you, but in total honestly, if it wants to, let it.


If your favorite color is teal, you’re most likely the joker of your group of friends. You’re always down for a good time, but you need plenty of time alone, too. You may be extremely color coordinated or organized with your belongings in general, even if your mind is a mess. You’re always thinking, dreaming, or questioning something even if it’s not important. Sometimes your friends might think you’re double sided or even fake, but for the most part at least you’re not!

Sky Blue:

Those who admire sky blue have a more bubbly personality. You know a little bit about everything, and are always delighted to share information. You tend to not be very opinionated, as keeping people happy is your #1 priority. Your mood changes like the wind, meaning you’re not really trustworthy. You’re always down with the new fads and looks, doing whatever it takes to impress others. Others may see you as “fake”, but you prefer the term, “trendy.”


If you like the color blue, then you are a very hard-working person. You likely have strong ambitions, as well as enough intellect to accomplish them. You may come off as selfish or shrewd to others, but you really just know how important self-care is. You don’t enjoy arguing at all, and try to avoid it by agreeing with everyone else’s opinion. Chivalry is very important to yourself, so you try to be kind and polite to everyone you meet.


If your favorite color is indigo, you’re most likely honest, straight to the point, and compassionate. You don’t take anyone else’s complaints without trying to help them with your honest thoughts. Sometimes you might come off as too honest, but in the end it’s probably for the best. You want your friends and family to be successful and reach your dreams even more than yourself. In addition, you’re probably are one of those people with a clean room, but a cluttered mind filled with random thoughts.


People who like purple are in love with the arts. Whether it’s painting, singing, dancing, etc: You’re sure to be filled with passion for it! Determination runs through your veins, which could result in a bit of stubbornness. Even though you might like to procrastinate a little bit, you always end up finishing your set plans in the end. You tend to get nervous quite easily, and always appreciate some time alone. Creativity is a strong virtue to yourself, taking every chance to be nothing but unique.


If you admire and like the color lavender you’re most likely careful, mature, and charming. Naturally, you aren’t a crazy dare devil and think before you act. You’re probably the “mom/dad friend” of the group, but that’s not a bad thing! However, sometimes you might find yourself getting anxious over taking a risk or just in general. That won’t keep you from meeting new people, and making an amazing impression on them.


People who like pink the best are usually loving, carefree, and have an optimistic outlook on their life. Similar to magenta, they want other people to be happy and be the reason for that. Sometimes you may seem a little uptight or pessimistic at times but your close friends know it won’t last long. You have an ability to forgive (but not necessarily forget!) and move on.


If your favorite color is magenta, chances are, you’re kind and sometimes a people pleaser. You make everyone around you happy if you’re happy too, and it’s not a surprise your teachers or other adults adore you. You might be indecisive, unmotivated, or annoyed sometimes, but most of the time you’re very calm and collected, and making people happy!


If you like the color black, you obviously think of yourself as a cool person. You like to listen to all kinds of music, never running out of bands to obsess over. Sometimes your anger might get the best of you, but your friends are always there to calm you down. You might feel out of place every now and then, doubting yourself and the people close to you. Other times you’re one of the most energetic people alive, bringing the party with you wherever you go.


People who have great artistic abilities are often drawn to the color white. You see the shade as a blank canvas, ready to to splattered with paint. You may seem innocent to your peers, but your friends know that your mind is anything but pure. You often daydream or stare into space, longing for worlds of fantasy and people of pretend. People often refer to you as a special snowflake, but you can’t deny that you are something that is both special and unique.

These stereotypes may not fit everyone. Did you find that this was accurate for you? Not so much? Tell us down below in the comments!