People and Stereotypes


Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

In the world, there are too many stereotypes. People feel obligated to be confined to their stereotype.  There are so many stereotypes that everyone has this preconceived notion that a group of people are a certain way. The actual meaning of it according to the dictionary is, “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” Stereotypes are also very current and all around us. There are many types of stereotypes like racial stereotypes and gender stereotypes.

Racial stereotypes are more relevant and more popular. For example, there is an stereotype about Italians that they only eat pasta and pizza or that they are bad drivers, which like most stereotypes aren’t true. The English also have a stereotype that their food sucks which also isn’t true. These are just examples of the many racial stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes are also very relevant and popular. And this includes all ages and all of the LGBTQ+ community too.  For example, little girls are thought to like the colors more bright pink and purple and like to play with dolls, which is not true for all little girls. Another one is that grown men like football and drinking which is also not true.

Stereotypes are also a way for bullies to use them against people. For example, NPR states that “the outrageous comments about sexuality and bullying” when they were talking about women’s sports. This is just one example of it. Another example is the racist nicknames that people give different races. Or even bullies asking girls if they could make them food.

So the next time you see someone, don’t stereotype them by their race or gender, or even what they are eating. The person could be completely different then their stereotype. You just have to go up to the person and talk to them.