Top 9 Things To Do When Stressed

Top 9 Things To Do When Stressed

Samantha Brown, Features Editor

If you have ever been stressed out, you know it is an unpleasant thing to go through. Stress, like a deadly disease, may make it seem like there is no hope to survive. But, like many diseases, there are unlimited antidotes to stress. Below, you will see the top 10 things to do when stressed.

Read a Book

Reading books has been known for calming stress. A study in 2009 says that by reading a book, it can reduce stress up to 68%. Try to stay away from books that are really action packed, or have intense scenes, because that will just raise your stress level even more, doing the opposite of what you want it to do.

Take A 10 Min. Break

Stop whatever you are doing, and take a break for 10 minutes. This break can be whatever you choose. This may be watching TV, riding a bike, or even taking a 10 minute power nap. This is a way to take your mind off whatever is stressing you out, and forcing you mind to focus on something else.

Eat Some Vegetables

Now, I know what you are thinking. , vegetables? I’m not stressed out enough to do that! Well, a study conducted by the University Of Sydney in Australia learned that eating vegetables can reduce the chances of getting stressed by 12-14%. So, if you happen to like eating vegetables, this would be an easy way to calm yourself down.

Rip a Piece of Paper Into as Many Pieces as You Can

I remember seeing this online once, so as you may have guessed already, I was curious. I made a mental note to do this when I got stressed, and it really worked! I was so focused on ripping them into tiny pieces, I totally forgot what I was stressed over. I would definitely recommend this.

Go To a Local Animal Shelter

No one can resist the joy a puppy can bring. Puppies are so pure and innocent, you can’t help but smile. A study done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that people who are surrounded by pets of any kind recovered from stress quicker than those who had no pets around them.

Fill Up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed by your body so it can grow and repair all sorts of tissues in it. But did you also know that vitamin c can reduce anxiety and stress? So, if you are ever feeling stressed, stock up on foods like guava, red pepper, kiwi, and oranges.

Do Something Creative

Doing something creative is a great way to pass time, get new ideas, and also to relieve your anxiety. Following instructions for something will cause you to calm down and distract yourself.

Get Up and Stretch

Stretching is favored by many, and has many health benefits. Now, you may be a bit skeptical, so let me explain some. It is well known that stretching improves flexibility, and this relieves tension. Thus, causing you to be less tense, and also less stressed.

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

If you have ever binge-ate chocolate when worried and wondered why, there may have been a good reason you did so. A new study found that eating chocolate, mainly dark, every day reduces stress levels. So, if you ever have a chocolate craving, know that it is a good thing!