VR Chat: An Up and Coming Game

VR Chat: An Up and Coming Game

Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

Ugandan Knuckles, the meme that may never go away, and to some people that’s fine, but to others it’s a “dead” meme and must be stopped, and the reason it won’t go away is because of VR chat and how people on that site use skins (or Avatars) like the Ugandan knuckles and pretty much raid parts of entire worlds.

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VRChat is a site that lets you create, publish, and explore virtual worlds with other people from around the world. You can make friends and explore peoples virtual maps or known in the community worlds. You can also create your own world or you can create your own skin.

You can either use a virtual reality headset or you can use a PC. With the headset, you can also wear body sensors so you can walk in the game and pretend that you’re actually there. Currently, the game is in early access but it’s still getting a lot of attention, Twitch streamers and Youtubers have been going onto the site and streaming themselves play the game. And this has made the game a hit with a lot of people and even though the game started off small they almost have 1000 different worlds on the site. And the team who created the game and who are maintaining the game are having some trouble keeping it afloat.

The site is also getting attention because of an incident that was heartbreaking and at the same time amazing how the people were so serious and worried. In a video posted by the Youtuber Rogue Shadow VR, there is a crowd of people around a man with a robot avatar, who was convulsing on the ground. In the video, you could see and hear the person wheezing and taking short shallow breaths. And they took this very seriously, you could see people trying to go up to the avatar but people in the group told them to step back. In the end he got up and it turned out he had a seizure and he reportedly told them that he has had multiple seizures before this incident and the community surrounding this game are asking for a Medical Alert Button.

VRchat is a great up and coming game that is fun and creative. It entices you to be creative and to meet new people and become friends with people you’ve never met before.