Media Review: BBC

Media Review: BBC

Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

BBC media aka British Broadcasting Corporation is a British public service announcer. It is the largest one in the world by the number of employees (20,916). But if you count all the part-time, flexible, and fixed-contract, they have a staff of 35,402. Its headquarters are based in Westminster, London.  

The BBC is funded by an annual television license fee which is charged to all British homes, companies, and organizations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts, the fee is organized by the British government. The company is also funded by BBC World Service which broadcasts in 28 languages across the world.

The company was founded on the eighteenth of October 1922 by John Reith. Originally the company was installed as a private corporation that was separate from the British government but by 1926 it started to move to the public domain. And in 1927 it was officially instated as the BBC.

Today, BBC is a major international media company well respected in the business. According to the BBC’s 2013/14 Annual Report, its total income was £5 billion (£5.066 billion)

The BBC is a well known fair and just media outlet and reported by the BBC in 2017 their weekly audience in the world reached 372 million people and their audience it growing on average 7 percent a year. And their goal by reaching 500 million people watching worldwide might come true.

In conclusion, the BBC is known worldwide for their media coverage. Their reporters travel the globe to teach people and to inform about new technologies or atrocities that may be happening around the world.