Top 10 Best Super Bowl 52 Commercials


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Here are some the best Super Bowl commercials for Super Bowl 52.

10:Marvel Infinity War Trailer

Showing the Infinity War trailer, showing new scenes with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, what was the Avengers, and many more. Showing tons of action packed scenes in a 30 second time limit.


This m&m commercial is a 29 second trailer were the red m&m becomes a human, Danny Devito, goes up to people and say “Do you want to eat me!?”. They said no thankfully.

8:Tide “Get Off my Horse”

This commercial is a 15 second commercial, which is basically 2 guys sitting on a horse, with one holding Tide.

7:Ram 1500

This commercial is one minute long which has a viking wait for his friends to pull up in a truck and drive to Minneapolis then they go back to go to tonight’s matchup. All I’ve got to say is, “We Will Rock You”.  

6:Pringles “WOW”

The Pringles commercial is 31 seconds long starting off as a movie set, then a guy putting BBQ pringles and pizza pringles together and says “WOW” for 10-15 seconds.

5:Groupon “Who Wouldn’t”

The groupon ad is 30 seconds long with someone talkings, then a rich man talking on his phone. Than, football players come up to him a through a football at… Im not finish that sentence.


This is a 48 second commercial which is a man talking about a super bowl commercial one person will see, then a man says why is there a commercial one person will see, then they bicker and bicker.

3:Bud Light

A one minute commercial which is a war between to tribes, then the bud knight comes down to save the day, but buys bud light instead.

2:Alexa Loses Her Voice

This is a one minute and thirty second commercial show a skit were alexa loses her voice and strangers play the role of alexa. At the end she gets her voice back.

1:This is Getting Old

This commercial is for health but is hilarious. This is a 30 second commercial, and is far the best in my opinion. The reason I love this commercial is how it’s simple, but has funny moments like the DJ Nana moment, and the flying firefighter.