Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a new land at Disneyland, CA and Disney Hollywood Studios which was originally called MGM. This land will open in 2019, and has very high expectations from all Star Wars fans. This is an interactive experience of the Star Wars experience. It takes place on the planet Batuu were we don’t have much info after that, but we do know one of the attractions based of an iconic ship.

The new ride is based on flying the Millenium Falcon were you fly through the galaxy and probably get into trouble that you have to stop. Also, there’s a tie-fighter hangar most likely an attraction like a ride, interactive experience, or a show.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios there’s a modle what Galaxy’s Edge will look like, from The Millenium Falcon to the super detailed land of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. On  May 27 in Disney World theme parks, there’s an event called Galactic Nights were for a whole night the theme park is mostly Star Wars themed from sneak peaks of Galaxy’s Edge to fun Star Wars games and photos. Why I brought Galactic Nights up is because hopefully the release more info about the land. All the detail, facts and beautiful things they added, and the future info leading up to the opening day is a long time, but that’s the info we know so far.