Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom


Eliana Flores, Staff Writer

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is coming out on June 22nd of this year.  Jurassic Park Fans” Hold onto Your Butt’s” says Rey Arnold ( Samuel Jackson who plays Ray Arnold) chief engineer in the Jurassic Park movie.

Jurassic World and Jurassic Park were filmed off of the coast of Costa Rica on Isla Nublar. The movie is definitely going to be a thriller and an awesome movie to boot.

6th grader Eeva Sogliuzzo says “After every Jurassic park movie I just want to see more.”

Jurassic park has been around for awhile and they are all amazingly directed and even though the dinos are animatronics they look real.

The trailer showed baby blue, one of the raptors Owen( played by Chris Pratt)  took care of, the remains of jurassic world, a brachiosaurus , our first look at malcolm since jurassic park 2, our first look at blue and a gyrosphere scene jurassic world, and an exploding volcano. This movie will feature a lot and it will be action packed for sure.

There is lots of conversations on this new movie around the school. 6th grader Jaylin Pedroza mentioned “ I believe there will be lots more dinosaurs, new ones preferably. 6th grader Emily Thomas stated “ There will be lots of action in this new movie so I have no idea what to expect”. 6th grader Sofia Caserma stated “ Malcolm is such an important character in the Jurassic Park Saga I have no idea what direction this will take”.

In conclusion, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom will be a film everyone across the globe will want to see. This movie is going to be a great movie to look forward to going thru this year. Jurassic World is great, but will Fallen Kingdom overthrow all of the Jurassic Park, and gain the title of the greatest movie ever made?