Overwatch: You Should Play!

KImberly Falcon, Staff Writer

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Overwatch is a video game released by Blizzard Entertainment and it was released on May 24, 2016.

Overwatch is a video game in which you can play with your friends and have fun in competitive, quick play, arcade, and custom games. There are a bunch of maps like Watchpoint: Gibraltar, King’s Row, Temple of Anubis, Route 66, Blizzard World, Ilios, Horizon Lunar Colony, Hollywood, Oasis, Dorado Chateau Guillard, Eichenwalde, Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, Junkertown, Numbani, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Black Forest, Ecopoint:Antarctica, Castillo, Necropolis, Ilios Ruins, Ilios Well, Ilios Lighthouse, Lijiang Control Center, Lijiang Garden, Lijiang Night Market, Nepal Village, Nepal Shrine, Nepal Sanctum, Oasis City Center, Oasis Gardens, Oasis University, Ayutthaya, Aldersbrunn, Ecopoint:Antarctica (Winter), Lijiang Tower (Capture the Rooster), King’s Row (Uprising), Estadio das Ras, Sydney Harbour Arena, Hollywood (Halloween), Hanamura (Winter), King’s Row (Winter), Black Forest (Winter), and Lijiang Tower (Lunar New Year).

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map or escort a payload across the map in a limited amount of time. Sometimes the games take longer and it sometimes goes into overtime and it stays like that unless you capture the point or the game ends.

My favorite part about Overwatch is all the events such as:

  • Winter Event
  • Halloween Event
  • Uprising Event
  • Anniversary Event
  • Summer Games Event
  • Lunar New Year Event

These events are so fun to play especially the Winter Event because there is a character Mei who has a gun that shoots out ice shards or snow and in the Winter Event there is a game call Mei’s Snowball Offensive. What you do in Mei’s Snowball Offensive is that Mei has her gun that shoots out snowballs but you only have one when you waste that snowball there is going to be piles of snow on the floor you use that snow to reload and this is my favorite Event for Overwatch.

A 7th grader Kamryn Griffin says “What interests me most about Overwatch is all the events like Winter Wonderland Event, Halloween Terror Event, Uprising Event, Anniversary Event, Summer Games Event, and the Lunar New Year Event. Also all the different heroes and their different abilities and their cool skins, emotes, voice lines, sprays, and their golden guns.”

Overwatch is a video game and it is a very addictive one when I started playing Overwatch I really wasn’t interested but when I was in like level 25 (which is the level you need to be to play Competitive Play) I was really into Overwatch and I found out it is a really fun game even my sister (who is 4) likes the game even though she just shoots everywhere and she jumps but she really likes to play. My dad just started playing Overwatch in January and I taught him how to play McCree (an offense hero) and he still doesn’t know how to play McCree because my dad likes to play as McCree because he dresses like a cowboy.

Competitive Play is when you play against real people and if you win you go and some competitive points, with competitive points you can get golden guns (Golden Guns are the characters gun but instead of it being its regular colors it’s going to be golden and to be honest they look really cool) to get golden guns you need 3,000 competitive points. Once you have 3,000 competitive points you get to choose which player out of the 26 heroes (there is going to be 27 heroes but they still haven’t released her yet) that you want the golden gun for. You can also get some achievements that are Cute sprays and Pixel sprays and XP (experience points) and you can also get some loot boxes (loot boxes have legendaries, epics, rares, golds, and common things like sprays, skins, emotes, and voice lines).

Quick Play is when you play against real people and when you play you can either escort, assault, and control. When you play either if you win or lose you still gain something, you gain XP and with XP you can level up in Overwatch and you can get achievements that are Cute sprays and Pixel sprays. Overwatch has Cute sprays and Pixel sprays for every hero (including the new hero). There are other achievements to get other than Cute and Pixel sprays. You can also get some loot boxes by leveling up. To get some legendaries in loot boxes is kinda hard in order to get on you need to keep track because in Overwatch (when there is no events going on) when you get 5 loot boxes on the fifth one you get a legendary. On events it takes longer to get a legendary like in the Winter Wonderland event it takes like 13 loot boxes.

Arcade Play is when there are more games when you click on arcade with Xbox, PS4, or PC there is going to be 5 boxes popping up and there all different kinds like deathmatch, low gravity, no limits, mystery heroes, capture the flag, and many more. When you play if you win three time on the third win you get a loot box, but if you want to get a achievement on arcade like a Cute or Pixel spray you can’t get it even if you do want the achievements say you can’t get it. The reason why you can’t get the achievements is because you can only get the achievements on Competitive Play or Quick Play and some of the achievements are really hard to get. One of the arcade modes changes daily and some of the time I play it when I don’t want to play Competitive or Quick Play I just play Arcade to have fun.

Custom Play is when you go and make your own game and you can play widowmaker headshot only, simon says, hide n’ seek, and many more and you get XP. Whenever I want to play something other than Arcade, Quick, and Competitive Play I just go and play widowmaker headshot only because I get to practice doing headshots with Widowmaker (Widowmaker is an assassin that works for Talon and she was kidnapped by Talon and brainwashed and before she was Widowmaker is was Amelie Lacroix who was married to Gerard Lacroix who was part of Overwatch and Talon was trying to get rid of him for a long time and they use Amelie to kill him and it worked). She has a rifle that can be a sniper and with that sniper she can headshot people and she is really fun to play as well.

There are so many kinds of games in custom game modes too. Check it out! Don’t forget to check out Overwatch as well!


9 Responses to “Overwatch: You Should Play!”

  1. Oswald the Great (anon) on March 19th, 2018 2:00 pm

    Watch out for the constant buffs(meaning increases to stats that can make the character better) and nerfs(meaning decrease to stats that can make the character worse) that the development team makes to heros that can ruin your favorite character and make one you already hate even worse.

  2. Stupid junkrat main on April 16th, 2018 10:57 am


  3. death on April 24th, 2018 4:32 pm

    Junkrat is to overpowered

  4. qwert on April 17th, 2018 1:19 pm

    rainbow six siege is a better choice

  5. death on April 24th, 2018 4:31 pm

    Nothing is better than Overwatch NOTHING only if you played Overwatch and I don’t know if you do you would realize that Overwatch is a really fun and addicting game.

  6. michael orengo on April 24th, 2018 10:10 am

    overwatch is good, but what about bendy and the ink machine. that game has a lot of exsiment for the fans with it’s story. and also chapter 4 is coming out this saterday

  7. darcus, wolfram, and furio on April 25th, 2018 10:59 am

    what about flipline? those games are underrated. I just feel like games like this one are getting so much attention that other flash games are forgotten about. Who plays flipline? (flipline lovers plz respond)

  8. SpartanCreep on May 16th, 2018 11:55 am

    Overwatch has anime. Which sucks.

  9. TSM Myth on October 21st, 2018 1:27 pm

    Nah! Fortnite is way better!

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Overwatch: You Should Play!