Should Teachers Have Guns?

Should Teachers Have Guns?

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Currently there is a large debate in America that teachers should have guns in their schools and I believe that teachers should not have guns. As you may know, the Parkland shooting has caused a bunch of the survivors and others to come out and say that the gun laws should be improved.  Now, President Trump and his administration have supported the idea that teachers should keep guns in their classrooms and get a higher payroll for having guns in the classroom.

The government wants to do this for safety reasons so that teachers can better protect their students. “You give them a little bit of a bonus, so practically for free, you have now made the school into a hardened target,” said President Trump.

According to The New York Times “The president estimated that 10 percent to 40 percent of school employees would be qualified to handle a weapon — he offered no data for the claim — and said he would devote federal money to training them.” This would also add to the teachers already low payroll of about $45,000 per year according to LAUSD’s official site.

Another reason that some in the government wants to do this is that it would be a better weapon against unwanted visitors such as school shooters.  

Now with every pro there are cons. If we add guns to schools it would make school more prison-like and knowing that there are guns in the school with teachers you would probably feel uncomfortable. Another reason is that teachers are trained to teach, not shoot a gun. “Teachers have to teach, and that’s what they should be doing,” said Joel Myrick, the former assistant principal at a high school in Mississippi. “It doesn’t matter what a pistolero you are, or think you are. You don’t need to be in school in charge of protecting children.” Other people feel the same way. The last reason teachers should not have guns in the classrooms is that students could find a way to the gun. It doesn’t matter how well you hide something, somebody can find it.

7th Grader Jackie Huerta said “I guess it makes sense for protection purposes but it’s excessive because at school you shouldn’t have to go to those measures to make your students safe.”

7th Grader Bella Zapata said “ I think that teachers should not have guns because you already have school police to protect the students and people would be uncomfortable having an weapon within the learning environment.”

Instead of teachers having guns we could introduce other safety options. For example, we could have active shooter drills. We have fire drills and earthquake drills, why not shooter drills? Drills are meant to help prepare us for events. Yet they aren’t going on now and they should be brought back. Another option is to have school police on campus. Currently at Dana Middle School there is one school police officer that walks around the entire campus everyday. Well you already started with one. Why not bring in more school police officers, about 10 at most. Then the school doesn’t feel like a prison either.

Therefore, I believe that schools should not have teachers armed. Remember two wrongs don’t make a right and in this case that means two opposing guns doesn’t mean school safety. There are other ways to solve problems. They may not be as blunt as guns but it is always better if you can come up with a peaceful resolution.