International Women’s Day Comes to Dana

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International Women’s Day Comes to Dana

Samantha Brown and Aytana Martinez

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On Thursday, March 8th, Dana hosted an event whose goal is to teach young girls that being a woman is something to celebrate and fight for. Our school hosted an event to celebrate International Women’s Day.

On this day, in between 2nd and 3rd period, all of the girls from Dana were called into the auditorium to take part in an assembly. The assembly was regarding the empowerment of women, and how young girls can thrive in a male dominated world.

Some teachers had their female students take a short survey which asks them to list three words that best describe women. This survey, which was taken by Dana students, asked them to pick three out of a long list of adjectives that are used to describe a woman.

The top 10 of the words that were chosen were actually put on the T-shirts. Written on the front of the shirts read “Strong Women, Strong America, Strong World.”

Richard Henry Dana Middle School students wore purple t-shirts with a chosen slogan on the back for stand up for “Girl Power” on International Women’s Day.  The girls could choose from ten words to describe themselves, Beautiful, Powerful, Brave, Strong, Independent, Fearless, Intelligent, Smart, Passionate, Amazing. The #PressforProgress campaign is getting young girls involved to continue the momentum of the #MeToo and #Time’sUp movements.
San Pedro, March 8, 2018. Photo by Brittany Murray, Daily Breeze/SCNG

Now, you may be wondering, how did Dana get ahold of approximately 800 shirts in less than a week? Well, a local apparel company, One Stone Apparel, offered to create all of these shirts for no cost. The shirts were given to students in their advisory, and they were required to wear them in order to attend the assembly.

The auditorium was decorated with balloon spirals on either side of the stage and guest speakers to tell their inspiring story. Tiffany Barnes, Lora King, Sherry Kuhn, and Yesenia Aguilar all told the stories of their very different lives and how they all thrived in their own way.

“I would love to do it next year, of course it all depends on the funding,” said Ms. Crow, a teacher at Dana Middle school. “I felt super empowered when I heard you guys coming in and you guys singing the songs. I was inspired.” “I think we need to start empowering young girls early in life.”

This day gives an opportunity for people to reflect on how women around the world have accomplished so much.This assembly was created to teach young girls that being a woman is something to take pride in, not to bury inside themselves.

International Women’s Day is a time for people of all ages to reflect on how far women’s rights have come, and to celebrate the success of all women. Now, more than ever, there has been a strong call to women’s rights actions with the #Time’sUp movement and the #MeToo uprising. Emerging from this revolution comes #PressforProgress, a movement that inspires young women to press forward and progress gender parity. International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. Dana has been lucky enough to be a part of this cause that helps encourage young women to press forward towards a better future for themselves.

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Samantha Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Samantha Brown is an 8th grade STEAM Magnet student here at Dana Middle school. This is her second year in Journalism. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of...

Aytana Martinez, Editor-In-Chief

Aytana Martinez is an 8th grader in the STEAM Magnet program at Dana middle School. Aytana has one sister that goes to Dana. Aytana’s hobbies are to...


9 Responses to “International Women’s Day Comes to Dana”

  1. no you on March 15th, 2018 12:38 pm

    I think we should have a mens day because the girls didn;t fight in world war 2 or vietnam or basically any old wars The reason they made all those mean advertisements in the 90’s like the one with ketchup where it says a women can open it the reason the ketchup bottles are made with the flip cap is so the girls can open it and make dinner with it.

  2. Samantha Brown on March 15th, 2018 3:22 pm

    The reason that men should not have their own day is because they are not oppressed, so every day is men’s day. The purpose of women’s day was not to purposely exclude men, but to reflect on the accomplishments that women have had. And by saying that the ketchup bottle was made easier to open so women can open them, you have proved my point that men are not oppressed. Just because someone is a woman, they are not obligated to “make a sandwich” or “make dinner” with. Women can do the same things that men can do, which means that you can also make dinner.

  3. Samantha Brown on March 15th, 2018 3:25 pm

    To add, women DID in fact fight in WWII. These include
    Lise Børsum: Refugee Smuggler. …
    Barbara Lauwers: Propaganda Warrior. …
    Annie Fox: Pearl Harbor Nurse. …
    Violette Szabo: Fearless Spy. …
    Hannie Schaft: Dutch Resistance Fighter. …
    Felice Schragenheim: Underground Operative.

  4. no one on March 15th, 2018 7:41 pm

    I get it that now all boys and men want to have a mens day but you guys need to understand that women don’t have the same rights as men and that we are not treated equally. There are women that tried to change womens right’s but there is no special day for them or they don’t get taken into consideration. But if a guy does something it just happenes that now it is a holiday. So all men need to calm down because women are not as equal as you.

  5. qwert on March 22nd, 2018 12:36 pm

    name some rights that men have that women don’t

  6. Kelly Yoshimura on March 23rd, 2018 10:37 am

    Although in the US Constitution it states that all men are created equal, when it comes to men and women, there is obviously a fine line that equal rights don’t cross, for example, equal pay, and Betsy DeVos, our secretary of education wants to propose a plan to defend those accused of sexual assault. The patriarchy still exists, there has been a lot of progress, but women still don’t get treated the same as men, although men and women legally have the same rights, culturally women are still behind. Get educated on topics before you comment b.

  7. qwert on April 13th, 2018 12:51 pm

    you didn’t name a single statistic or a fact you basically just said trust me.

  8. 99 on March 19th, 2018 6:01 pm


  9. sophie on September 13th, 2018 4:25 pm

    Women have been helping kids and injured
    people in the war.

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International Women’s Day Comes to Dana