Raffaello’s Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine! Yum!

Raffaellos Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine! Yum!

Eliana Flores, Staff Writer

Raffaello’s Ristorante was opened in 1983. It has been opened for 35 years. It is located on 5th street here in San Pedro. This is a family owned business that was brought over from the south of Italy.  The story behind this delicious restaurant comes from the home cooking from Raffaello himself. It turns out that he had a restaurant in Italy and he wanted to bring good home cooked food her to San Pedro. The family moved here from Italy in 1960’s. He wanted his recipes to be shared with the public.  

The restaurant is now run by his 3 sons Tony, Gino, and Marcello. Marcello’s Tuscany Room is the banquet hall of Raffaello’s. The restaurant is named and tributed to their father. He was the creator behind the delicious recipes that is cooked in the restaurant.

His dream and vision was to have an elegant look but with good home cooked food. All three of the boys learned how to cook from their dad. They saw how home cooked meals brought people together, so when they came here to San Pedro they knew that there wasn’t a restaurant like theirs.

Most of us have been to other competitors like the Olive Garden, I assure you that when dining at Raffaello’s you will not have the same experience. When you are dining at Raffaello’s you will have this warm feeling of Italy’s beautiful cultural beauty and history.

My favorite dish is the penne marinara pasta. I know what you are going to say, really pasta with marinara and mozzarella cheese. You can make that at home, yes it is money that you have to pay, yes, you can make it at home. I assure you this is like no other.

This pasta is their signature dish and it is amazing. When you take a bite of this dish there is a crisp fresh taste that brings a warm feeling in your body. It will remind you of when one family member of yours makes a warm plate of pasta which is their main dish that has stringy mozzarella, yummy penne pasta, marinara sauce, and topped off with basil pieces and oregano. This dish is making me hungry just writing the article ok, ok, enough obsessions about the food because yummy!,

I recommend this restaurant because of the atmosphere and the yummy food. This is an authentic Italian food not like Italian restaurants who claim their Italian but really is not. This restaurant is amazing and I hope you feel the same about Raffaello’s Ristorante!