New Crystal Ball Frappe!!!


Eliana Flores, Staff Writer

Today, Starbucks introduced the Crystal Ball frappuccino and it is gorgeous. If you are a Starbucks lover, this is the frapp for you.  This frapp is a little twist on the Unicorn frapp that came out last year but with a new twist.

According to Fortune magazine, this frappuccino will be a peach flavored drink with candy, but the candy is unspecified. This drink will be a hit just like its cousin the Unicorn Frappuccino. But will this drink overthrow it?

The Crystal Ball will be on the menu for only four days and will come out on Thursday, March 22. This frappe is supposably a limited edition drink. No one knows why but what 6th grader Eeva Sogliuzzo says” I think this will only be on the menu for four days because they want to test out the recipe before so they know people will like it”.

This frappe is going to be blue and white marble drink with a dollop of whipped cream and pink candy sprinkled  on the top. How you can order this drink according to Daily Meal Magazine is “ Order a Vanilla Bean frappe with 1-3 pumps of peach flavoring with whipped cream and pink rock candy crystals”.

Baristas all over the U.S. are excited to tell customers about this gorgeous drink.  I am excited to try this new drink so come check this new drink out this Thursday at any Starbucks in the U.S.