Everything to Know About Flipside Gymnastics


Alex Van Duyne, Staff Writer

Developing healthy minds and bodies from the inside out and upside down, Flipside Gymnastics, located on 1417 West 8th Street, San Pedro, features many different classes for all ages in gymnastics, dance, and music. For reference, it’s in the famous Rosalie and Alvas’ Dance Studio building, right next to Alvas Dance and Music Store at Weymouth Corners.

The owner of Flipside Gymnastics, Stacy Alvarez, started professional dancing on a company when she was only 5 years old. Later, she started gymnastics and was faced between the choice of choosing gymnastics or dance, and Alvarez chose gymnastics.

“When I was done with gymnastics, when I was 24, I decided to study dance.”

When Stacy Alvarez later took dance she had coincidentally taken her ballet training from someone that had studied with Rosalie and Alva. Alvarez’s goal was to become a professional dancer by the time she was 30, and she did it.

Stacy Alvarez describes managing her company of Flipside Gymnastics a lot differently to when she just taught classes at Rosalie and Alvas’ Dance Studio.

“The difference is that I’m working on the business, primarily, rather than working in the business.”

Flipside Gymnastics’ mission is to provide a safe place for all people to grow through the arts.

“It’s a very positive environment and a very nurturing environment, and we’re always interested in the process in the people’s life rather than the ‘Dance Moms’ end result of fancy costumes and this and that,” Stacy explained.

Stacy Alvarez leased Rosalie and Alvas’ Dance Studio around on


e and a half years ago. She already had known the owners and the owners knew her, and they knew Alvarez could keep the character of Rosalie and Alvas’ studio alive with the dance classes.


“That’s one of the main reasons I hired Palma again, because I think she’s the heartbeat of Rosalie and Alvas’.”

Palma Skorin teaches adult and teen ballet classes and had been Rosalie’s prodigy when the building was Rosalie and Alvas’. She has been teaching there for over 40 years. From Rosalie and Alvas’ Dance Studio to Flipside Gymnastics, Skorin said that “nothing has changed”, because she still teaches many of the same people and is in the same environment.

Another teacher at Flipside Gymnastics is Megan Escobar, who teaches kids and teen dance classes. She’s been working at Flipside Gymnastics since it first opened, but has been working with Stacy for over 5 more years. Escobar started teaching dance when she was 16, and started dancing when she was 14. She was one of the varsity Pirate dancers at San Pedro High School.

“I enjoy becoming a better dancer through stressing technique but also getting to know my students on a personal level… that’s probably my favorite thing… it’s very therapeutic for me.”  is what Escobar said when asked about her favorite things about teaching classes for kids especially. “Especially for the little ones it’s about enjoyment; everything is new, they’re developing emotions. I don’t think there’s enough integration with body and movement and arts in school.”

Flipside Gymnastics student Molly Fisher thinks that her coaches are “nice and fun” and are always encouraging rather than pushing.

Parents agree that Flipside Gymnastics provides a safe space for their children, and the message is carried through the classes their kids take.

Mother of Molly Fisher, Jeanette, says that “I think they’re getting a good knowledge of basic skills, they have a lot of fun, they have caring teachers, and it’s a warm loving environment.”

“You walk into the [studio] and just see colors and smiles and kids having a great time,” says another parent, Angela Sumner Rondeau. She states that Flipside Gymnastics is “amazing at working with kid with different abilities.”

“They’re learning a lot more than just gymnastics,” Rondeau concludes.