Staff Spotlight: The Life of Mrs. Traylor


Isabella Terzoli, Staff Writer

Mrs.Traylor is a 7th grade STEAM science teacher. Mrs.Traylor has taught at Dana for 12 years and had previously worked at Locke High School.

Mrs.Traylor moved around a lot in her lifetime. She had lived in Big Bear with her father going back and forth from her mother’s house, “I have pretty much lived on my own since I was 14,” Mrs. Traylor says.  

Mrs.Traylor is happily married, with kids, and one of her kids attends Dana and is in the 7th grade STEAM magnet program. Mrs. Traylor’s favorite food is sushi and she also enjoys eating chocolate.

Mrs.Traylor says her favorite part of her job is messing with the kids, she likes to see them get grossed out by the videos and pictures she shows during class.

Mrs.Traylor graduated from Cal State Long Beach. She has degrees in psychology and biology.  

Mrs.Traylor’s hobbies include biking at the velodrome in Carson and mountain biking, though she’s not able to do that often. She bikes over 100 miles a week. She normal rides about 40-50 miles outside by herself until she goes into the velodrome to bike with a group.

Mrs.Traylor decided to be a teacher because when her older kids were little she would help with art-to-grow-on in their classes, and she had taught karate. She says she enjoys being around the kids, and she hopes to help lots of them even though “some students aren’t always in a place for help”.

Mrs.Traylor says some things you may not know about her are; she has asthma, and her middle name is Gabriel (that name goes back many generations and she hates it).

“I am really fortunate to have the life I have,” says Mrs.Traylor. “I love my husband and my children and I can’t ask for anything better, than what I have.”