Should Middle Schoolers Have Jobs?

Should Middle Schoolers Have Jobs?

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Nowadays, middle schoolers have many ways to make money, from selling slime to babysitting, but should middle schoolers have jobs? I think that middle schoolers should have jobs so that they can become more responsible and learn the value of money.

From my observations, there are many middle school students with jobs. Some set up slime shops online, while others will go toward babysitting. Sometimes, students at school complain about how they don’t have money or how they have to borrow from their parents. In addition, there are a lot of things that can cost money here at Dana. Yearbooks, ice cream at the student store, the occasional bake sale, as well as other things cost money, and people want to buy these things.

There are many jobs that middle schoolers can have. According to The Penny Hoarder website, middle schoolers can have jobs like sitting, selling stuff online, being a part time maid, and tutoring/ teaching someone. For sitting, which is just watching over someone or something, for babysitting you will need a license. Or setting up a shop on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon, and selling stuff they create.

There is also the maid option which means you do people’s chores for them. The last option is a teaching or tutoring job. As far as teaching goes, you could teach something you know very well. For tutoring, you can help a person with their homework.

According to the College Board organization, there are many benefits to having a job during middle school. For example, students learn more time management skills and responsibility. They can also learn the true value of the things they buy, therefore taking care of the things they buy more. They will also not be as dependant for money from their parents.

As well as benefits, middle school jobs can have drawbacks. According to the College Board organization, it can cause students to fall behind on their studies if they are working a lot. In addition, they will not have as much time for friends and after school activities, such as band or sports.

I think that middle schoolers should have jobs because they learn more about working in their future and learn more time management.