Supreme: Is It Worth It?


Denis Mardesich, Staff Writer

Supreme. A brand that has recently gained quite the large amount of popularity from people all around the world including the rich, the famous, and even your average teen. It seems like everyone is going crazy about it. But is it really worth the price?

Supreme was founded in 1994 by James Jebbia in the form of a simple skate shop in Manhattan’s downtown area. Jebbia had moved to New York in the 1980’s from Britain. Before founding Supreme, Jebbia had quite a bit of experience in retail because he previously owned the clothing store Union NYC. But besides the fact that Jebbia was very experienced in its early years Supreme was a very small brand. However as we all know it soon grew to what it is today.

Now that we’ve got over the history of the brand let’s get in to the question at hand. Now in terms of design, Supreme tends to keep it simple with its primarily white color scheme and red box logos. It seems that most of Supremes clothing products tend to follow this rule with the exception of more unique looking box logos. Supreme’s non-clothing products are usually red with white lettering. So the design of Supreme’s products usually follow a simple and minimalistic design and if you like it or not really depends on your overall opinion on fashion.

As for price, Supreme is often viewed as extremely expensive and sometimes it can be. However actual prices on Supreme’s website are usually just above average pricing and the belief that Supreme is expensive usually comes from it’s resell price. Since Supreme sells out very quick people who actually obtain a Supreme product resell it for a higher price since it is now rarer. However since the products do sell out quickly with the use of bots and many other methods, you often are forced to buy products based on the resale price.

“I think that people don’t wear Supreme because they like it, but instead because it’s popular.” says 7th grader and staff writer Emerson Marquez.

Overall, the price of Supreme can vary though it is hard to find a cheap product that isn’t a fake, which can happen quite a bit with popular clothing brands. So in the end, it is hard to determine whether Supreme is really worth the price and it really depends on your own opinion on the brand. Supreme has many pros and many cons that make it hard to argue the answer because once again, it depends on your opinion.