Fortnite: Check It Out!


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Fortnite is a video game which is known by almost everyone. The game has more than 45 million players and is one of the most played games ever. There are 2 game modes, Save The World and Battle Royale. Save The World came out on July 25, 2017, which means it came out before battle royale. Save the World is about the world suddenly getting attacked by this storm making 98% of the world’s population vanished. You and a maximum of 3 other players fight zombies to Save The World. For now, Save the World cost $39.99 for the standard edition and $59.99 for the deluxe edition. Save the World is a tower defense game where you build a fort, like in Battle Royale, to block zombies from breaking this forcefield generator blocking the storm from coming in. Battle Royale is the more famous game mode, where you fight for your lives in a Battle Royale shooter fighting to win with your team, or alone. Most battle royal games start in a plane which you jump out onto the battlefield, but Fortnite has you fall out of a flying bus. The is several places to drop like Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, and others.

When you drop at the spot you choose you to need glide over or free fall to your location. When you land your alone or with your team to survive the other teams or the other people. Houses have guns, health packs, and potions to use for yourself to help your self-survive. Places you drop most likely have other people try to survive like you, so if they see you they will shoot you. Guns have different rarity which makes the gun stronger. The rarities are common which is the weakest, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary which is the best. Also weapon types and make or break you. For example, there’s is multiple types of shotguns like bolt-action, semi-auto, and hunting rifle. Guns are the second main part of the game next to the building. The building is a thing where if you can use it you can win, build is most of the game next to guns because you can use it to get in houses and other people bases the build. The building uses materials which you get from a chest or from trees, rocks, or other places like houses. To get these materials from rocks and stuff, you use a hammer/pickaxe which breaks stuff to get materials to build. Once you get materials and weapons, your set to get into the safe zone. The safe zone is pretty self-explanatory, it is the safe zone which gets smaller the longer the game goes it gets smaller. The safe zone blocks the storm, which is the danger zone which will slowly kill you but does more damage the longer the game goes. Most likely you will run into another person which you will have to kill or you will die. Fighting may be hard but will get easier the more you play. 

Fortnite has been a problem lately with the mobile coming out. Kids have been playing it at school taking away learning time, which is a big problem which resorted to it being banned in some schools, which is not a bad idea. News has been talking about this game like how it is violent and how big the game is.

Like every game there are updates, and this game has so many new updates. One of the newer ones are the guided missile, bring back the pump shotgun which was gone for being unfair but brought back.

One of the places you can drop is Tilted Towers which is a death zone but a loot heaven. Tilted towers have a theory that it will be blown up by a meteor at the end of the season, the 30th of April, or the 18 of April. This is a big thing because of Epic Games, the makes of Fortnite, keep making changes so much, like adding the port-a-fort. So, this will make multiple people mad, but make the game fair again because Fortnite was a fun battle royale game which was fast pace, but now if you don’t jump in Tilted you just see one person and just walk, and walk, and just keep walking until you win or die.

There are three normal game modes and one special game mode. The three normal game modes are solo, duo, and squads. Solo is where you are by yourself fighting against 100 other solo people in a “fast pace” battle royale game. The duo is you and one friend/ another person fight for your lives against 50 other teams. Squads are you and 3 other people fight against 25 other squads. The special game modes and extra modes which take something and make it crazy, like the 50 vs 50 game mode which is 50 people against 50 other people.

Fortnite has become a sensation since it came out. This game is amazing and is well, a game which brought the battle royale games higher than ever making it the one of the most played game. Hope you enjoyed.