Space X Might be Bringing Space to San Pedro

Space X Might be Bringing Space to San Pedro

Maria Seiple, A&E Editor

San Pedro has always been associated with the ocean, and marine science has always been one of its main focal points. Yet, San Pedro may be expanding on its expertise and by expanding, I mean expanding into space.

Last month, Mayor Garcetti announced that SpaceX is planning to expand to the LA Port. SpaceX would construct a facility made to help in the construction of the mars rockets, the BFR.

Garcetti announced the news after the State of The City address, stating “This is a vehicle that holds the promise of taking humanity deeper into the cosmos than ever before,” Garcetti said in the speech. “And this isn’t just about reaching into the heavens. It’s about creating jobs right here on Earth.”

The plan is for the board of Harbor commissioners to vote if SpaceX can have a 10-year lease for a 19-acre piece of land. The land is ideal for the site because the facility would need to be barge or boat accessible due to the massive size of the rockets. The rent for the land would roughly 1.4 million per year.


As mentioned previously, space will be used for the Mars missions. Specifically, for the constructions of the rockets. The rocket which will be constructed is known as the BFR and will be the largest rocket ever constructed by the company.

While the port has been used for SpaceX before, this is by far going to be the largest and most significant project to take place. The rocket has been described as an interplanetary spacecraft, and Elon Musk hopes it’ll be the breakthrough for reusable rockets.

The introduction of the SpaceX has been highly supported. Councilman Joe Buscaino, who has been one of the plans biggest advocates, says the project could push San Pedro into ”the brightest future it’s ever seen.”

The plan will be voted on this coming Thursday and is expected to be approved, afterward, it will be voted on by Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee, which Buscaino chairs, and would get a final vote from the City Council.