Top 5 Worst Marvel Movies of All Time


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

These movies will be based on the Rotten Tomato scale. Rotten Tomatoes are a way to grade movies. For example, the movie Titanic got 88% rotten tomatoes, the percent is from a range of numbers called the fresh category, which is good, and the rotten which is bad. Titanic got 161 fresh and 21 rotten tomatoes. If you get more fresh than rotten it’s a better movie from the reviewer’s standpoint, and more rotten than fresh means it’s a worse movie.  All these Marvel movies can be made before Marvel Studios was made.

Number 5: Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic Four (2005) was the second Fantastic Four movie made, right after the one that came out in 1994. The director for the 2005 movie was Tim Story and was written by Mark Frost, Michael France, and Carl Johansen. It starred Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, Chris Evans as Human Torch, Ioan Gruffudd as Mister Fantastic, Michael Chiklis as the Thing, and Julian Mcmahon as Doctor Doom.

This movie’s Rotten Tomato count was 27%. Why it got this score is because it has bland stories telling and is just an attempt to bring back an old comic book series which was still running, and try making a second attempt at a Fantastic Four movie.

Number 4: Ghost Rider (2007)

   Ghost Rider was the first Ghost Rider movie made. The director Mark Steven Johnson and he also wrote the movie with Shane Salerno. The actors are Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson, Sam Elliott as CareTaker, and Wes Bentley as  BlackHeart. The movie has 26% rotten tomatoes. Why it got this rating is because the movie was just bland, with the occasional cool scene which has not that amazing CGI.

Number 3: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Revenge


   Ghost Rider: Spirit of Revenge (2012) is the second movie in the Ghost Rider series. The directors of the movie are Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine. It starred Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, Idris Elba as Moreau, and Violante Placido as Nadya. It has 17% rotten tomatoes. These were put because the movie had a weak script and is no longer amusing.


Number 2: Howard the Duck

This movie was called one of the worst movies of all time having only 15% rotten tomatoes. This is thankfully the only Howard the Duck movie which was directed by Willard Hyuck also wrote by him and Gloria Katz. This movie starred Lea Thompson as Beverly Switzler, Ed Gale, and Chip Zien as Howard the Duck, and Tim Robbins as Phil BlumBurtt. Why this movie was so unlike was from the costume of Howard to the horrible script and storyline but is like the Ghost Rider movies, it had its good moments.

Number 1: Elektra

   We have reached number one, Elektra. Its rotten tomato score was at a low 10 %! This movie’s director is Rob Bowman and starring Jennifer Garner as Elektra and Goran Višnjić as Mark Miller. Why it got 10% rotten tomatoes is the lack of thrill and intelligent dialogue.

Even though none of these movies are from modern day Marvel, they still are Marvel movies.