The Trash Problem: What You Can Do To Help!


Ari Cau

Trash accumulates at bottom of stairwell at Dana Middle School, causing a trashy atmosphere.

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

Currently, there is a lot of trash on Dana’s school campus, and a lot of students don’t seem to care. There is no denying it, there is a lot of littering that occurs in school. If you look around anywhere on campus there is a great chance that you will see trash. This is a problem because it leaves our school filthy, which leaves more work for the janitorial staff and leaves a bad image of Dana to outside citizens. There are also over 60 trash cans on campus and after lunch there is over 40 large bags of trash.

Trash found on campus

Some people believe that something called The Broken Window theory will happen because of trash. The Broken Window theory is a metaphor mostly used in academic environments but also as a metaphor for a neighborhood. The theory is that if a window is broken in a school and it never gets fixed that the school suggests that there is criminal activity in the area and/or it is abandoned. So if the students don’t pick up it their trash the school is going to look bad.


Trash found on campus

“I definitely don’t like seeing all the trash around campus. If everyone would help out by picking up their own trash we could make Dana look better,” says Ms. Plascencia, 7th grade STEAM teacher.

“It just hurts are ecosystem and doesn’t help the community,” says Eliana Flores, Staff Writer for The Dana Mariner.

“I’m disappointed everyday because I know that they (the students) are better than this,” says Mr. Gebhart, principal when asked about how he feels about it.

Trash found on campus

Some other schools have also had this problem and have worked to fix them. One of the solutions, according to NPR, a school in Phoenix, Oregon, is having the students clean up after themselves, which makes it so they don’t make that much of a mess. Some schools in Japan also do this. Others participate in clean up movements like the Alice Ferguson foundation.

Ways we can help is having students clean up for a grade, like the school in Phoenix, making even more trash cans so that they are more apparent and harder to miss, and suggested by Mr. Gebhart and the school plant manager, putting trash into the trash cans.