Come to Pixar Fest!

The Play Parade for Pixar Fest,  Featuring many Pixar movies. Courtesy of Orange County Register

Orange County Register/SCNG

The Play Parade for Pixar Fest, Featuring many Pixar movies. Courtesy of Orange County Register

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

From April 13th through to September 3rd, Disneyland is hosting a festival called “Pixar Fest” which is dedicated to Pixar, a branch of the Disney company. Disney is celebrating Pixar, which has been around for 32 years, and has been owned by Disney for 12 years. They are introducing new Pixar related attractions to the park.

One of the main parts about any festival, especially a Disney one, is the activities, and Disney has set up a lot. The first is the parade, which Disney has been known for doing at the park. The parade features many movies and some of their short films as floats such as Luxo Jr (the lamp) and “A Bug’s Life.” Another activity they are doing is a fireworks and light show which they do regularly.  Pixar Fest also has a short film showing in the park so fans can see all of their short films again or for the first time. Another main item in festivals is the food. Disney has gone all out on treats with 49 food items.  Some fan favorite foods come from the movies Up and the Toy Story franchise.

Pixar Fest has a lot of movies, and almost all of their movies and shorts are included into the festival. Pixar’s shorts are included by being part of the short film showing. The movies Up, Coco, Monsters Inc, the Toy Story franchise, The Incredibles, Ratatouille,  and the Cars franchise are mostly included with the specialty foods but also with the Parade floats that are also with Inside Out and “A Bugs Life.”  

Luxo Jr. (The Pixar Lamp) on its float in the Plsy Parade. Courtesy of My No-Guilt Life

“My favorite thing about it is that they (Disney) had the kids interact with the parade and the performers,” says Eliana Flores, Staff Writer for The Dana Mariner.

Something else that Disney is doing for Pixar Fest is opening Pixar related elements at the park. The big piece that they are opening is Pixar Pier, a Pixar themed branch of Disneyland just off of California Adventure, and based on old piers in California which will be opened June 23rd. Pixar Pier will feature many pixar related attractions and shops, such as “The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats”, that features the “Yellow Snow Cones” from Monsters Inc or “Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff” which sells saltwater taffy that Bing Bong is seen crying in Inside Out. Another big attraction Disney is putting into the park is the Incredicoaster, which is a rollercoaster based on The Incredibles and it will open June 23rd.

Design of the Incredicoaster tride. Courtesy of Disney Parks

Pixar Fest offers a lot, so be sure to check it out!