Baseball Season Is Here!

Source: - Ian Happs running the bases after the first home run of the 2018 season

Source: - Ian Happs running the bases after the first home run of the 2018 season

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

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Baseball season has started again and these are CURRENT  standings, important “firsts” of the season, along with the Dodgers’ injured list.

The first game of the season took place on March 29th between the Miami Marlins and Chicago Cubs.

Important “firsts” of the season

First pitch: Jose Urena (Marlins)

First home run: Ian Happs (Cubs)

Interesting to say Happs got the first home run because the he was also first batter, basically he hit a home run on the first pitch.

First strike out: Jose Urena (Marlins)

Standings currently are


  1. New York Yankees   28 wins, 12 losses
  2. Boston Red Sox        30 wins, 14 losses
  3. Toronto Blue Jays    22 wins, 22 losses


  1. Cleveland Indians      21 wins, 21 losses
  2. Detroit Tigers             20 wins, 23 losses
  3. Minnesota Twins      18 wins, 21 losses


  1. Houston Astros       28 wins, 17 losses
  2. Los Angeles Angels 25 wins, 19 losses
  3. Seattle Mariners      24 wins, 19 losses

Now finally the Dodgers’ injury list. On May 14th the first of the injuries happened with pitcher, Clayton Kershaw reportedly had left bicep tendonitis (it limits him playing by inflaming a muscle in his biceps). Tony Cingrani another Dodger pitcher had a left shoulder inflammation and is out for ten days. Once again Kershaw’s biceps had gotten the best of him. Now lastly Carl Crawford, an outfielder, tore an oblique muscle in April an is looking to come back soon.

Keep an eye out this season as changes will present themselves in a matter of seconds. Good luck to all teams this season, and don’t give up hope.