Steer Towards Success At Full Sail University


Full Sail University's modernized campus, lit by its multicolored lights.

Denis Mardesich, Staff Writer

In modern day, media seems to be everything, with online programs and services growing at a rapid rate. It seems like it’s time that schools need to educate us more about the modern world, specifically online media and technology, and unfortunately most schools don’t feel the need to. However, Full Sail University is an exception. This Florida University is living and growing in the future.

Located in Winter Park, Florida Full Sail offers degrees for young and ambitious students who want to really make an impact in this technological age. Degrees at Full Sail have a focus on modernity involving video game design, digital art and design, business, technology, film, and music and all of them seem to incorporate elements that have the future in mind.

Full Sail’s top of the line graphic design classes, allowing students to use unique new technology to prepare them for future careers.

Full Sail is also known for its creative learning environment that focuses on growing the creativity of students with it’s unorthodox teaching methods. Students learn at an accelerated pace in an organized order through incorporating a real world environment. Student’s will also work on group projects frequently to allow them to work better in teams.

And based on the success of Full Sail graduates it seems like these methods work extremely well. In fact, Full Sail alumni have worked on huge projects, including the box-office hit Avengers Infinity War and many other blockbuster films. Not to mention the various creators of Grammy winning songs and Oscar winning actors that have had experience at Full Sail.

Getting through Full Sail will cost the average student about $20k and will require them to have a GPA of at least 2.5, however Full Sail handles tuition in a different way then most universities. Not to mention that students can also receive a scholarship. Full Sail also offer packages that provide students with laptops and various devices to assist you in the modern world.

So, consider going to Full Sail University if you want a degree that helps you learn more about the modern world.