New Universal Studios Ride: Hold Up!!!


Eliana Flores, Staff Writer

Get ready to get wet or even soaked on the new Universal Studios ride. As many of you guys know Universal Studios has a world famous water ride and it is called Jurassic Park: The Ride. Probably one of the most well known rides in Universal; This ride is a river ride that goes through all of the prehistoric dinos that you could imagine. Then you go through a tunnel that will take you up, up and away into the frights of being eaten by a T-Rex. Then you will descent into an 84 foot drop that will soak you for sure. This ride has been a hit ever since it’s opening on June 21, 1996. Yet, while many of us love this ride we are even more excited to see it’s upcoming remodel.

Jurassic Park is a movie that was made in 1994 that was turned into a water ride by Universal Studios. This ride has you going through the mystical adventure back in time when the dinos walked the planet. You will be going on a ride that takes you through tunnels, wet turns, and an 84 foot drop at the end. It currently features velociraptors, the deadly poison spitting dilophosaurus, and  a huge T-rex that will have plumaging at 50 mph to a wet end.

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This new ride will be the same; rumor has it; and that the only thing that will change is the animals and the boats. Jurassic World will be in a gyrosphere instead of a raft or boat.They will take out the T-rex and fully replace it with the Indominus Rex. How cool would that be. They will be closing the one right now on September 3, 2018. So get your Universal Studios passes now to experience this old thrill in the summer.

Some people have different opinions on this though. 6th grader, Eeva Sogliuzzo says “ I do think they should change the ride because if you are going on this ride a second time you already know what is coming up.” On the other had Anthony Ponton says “ I think they should not change the ride because it is an original ride and the person who acted in the original movie John Hammond (Richard Attenborough who plays John in the movie).”

In the end, this ride will be a thriller to most people who are die hard Jurassic Park and World fans. Even though this ride is closing Universal Studios will still have people buying panchos for this updated water ride.