Ant-Man and the Wasp Preview


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the new Marvel movie coming out this summer. The movie is about right after Captain America: Civil War (Spoiler Warning for Captain America: Civil War) where two teams go head to head, one of the teams had Captain America as the leader and Iron Man as the leader of the other team. Iron Man’s team won and Captain America’s team was arrested. On Cap’s team was Ant-Man who most-likely escaped or ran away when they were arrested. Fast forward to 2017-2018 before Thanos invaded Earth and Asgard met its end.

So far the movie trailers have limited but a ton of info, not showing the main villain but having a lot of moments that star the new Marvel superhero named the Wasp. The movie stars The Wasp being played by the actor named Michelle Pfeiffer, Ant-Man played by Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym, Hope Pym is being played by Evangeline Lilly. The main bad guy, or as in this movie, bad girl who is Ghost. This name sounds like something you would find at Disneyland, oh, wait… So, the Ghost is a female villain being played by Hannah John-Kamen. Ghost is most likely going to be a great hero choice by it being a female villain like Hela from Thor Ragnarok.

Now let’s talk about the trailer. The trailer for the movie was like any normal Marvel trailer, but had something a bit different, not having as much info as the other movies. Normally, a lot of fans would go to the comics to find out so info, but, that would be different than a movie like Avengers: Infinity War. Why it would be different is that there is no comics about what we see that has the info about this movie. Well, that’s not true, there is a ton of comics with Ant-Man and The Wasp and Ghost but not in the manner we have seen recently with these trailers. For example, Captain America: Civil War end different from the comics. Like how Spiderman revealed his secret identity and Captain America dies.

This trailer has an awesome theme music which is the perfect theme for this movie. It starts off with a theme shot of a bridge in a place that could be New York or Atlanta, where the first movie takes place. Then, it goes to Ant-Man talking about what happened in Captain America: Civil War where he says “When Cap needed help if I’d ask you to come”. Then the Wasp says “I guess we’ll never know”, say that if Wasp came to that battle would they have won.

The next few scenes say a lot but not much at the same time. Ant-Man says that I do some bad stuff, and the people I love get hurt. This references what Ant-Man was in the first movie, a robber. The, a weird scene pops up where Hank Pym and Hope Pym where they get surrounded by FBI most-likely arresting them for Ant Man’s loss in Captain America: Civil War. The next scene makes a huge thing, or in this case, into a small thing by making a building the size of a building for an ant. This shows how almost anything can be turned into the size of an ant.

Then, we get the first footage of the new female villain, Ghost. Ghost looks like what Hela had, looking normal but in the movie they (Hela) became an amazing villain with a goal that made scents. Right after that scene, there is a quick piece of footage which has Ant-Man hopping onto Ant-hony, the female Carpenter ant. The next scene also proves anything can be shrunk, by having a car chase then they shrink the car to dodge the oncoming car, which looks awesome.

The next scene is an important scene with Ant-Man turning into the huge Ant-Man, which also looks awesome. In all trailers, there is a flash of scenes, where a ton happens. Like Wasp pulling of Ant Man’s helmet, a car with flames on it, a great shot of what Ghost looks like, and a container floating through what looks like body cells.

After this flashing picture scene, there is a scene where someone Ant-Man loves, I guess sort of his kid, Cassie Lang, tells Ant-Man you need a helper, like a sidekick. Then, it goes to a scene of what the Wasp can do, which she can fly, shoot lasers, and other awesome stuff. Then there is a funny joke were Ant-Mans tells Hank Pym, I guess you didn’t have the technology for me; then Hank Pym says, oh I did.
The trailer is about to end and it has a funny scene were the Wasp through one of those candies things that almost everyone had as a kid, it looks like a character from something. In this case, Hello Kitty, the Wasp throughs the candy thing and makes it big so it would hit Ghost, but Ghost slides under the Candy thing dodging the Hello Kitty face. Then, the trailer ends leaving not much info ahead.

This movie most likely will explain some stuff in Captain America: Civil war and some background on Infinity War. Also, this movie for some reason on social media platforms youtube. For example, people saying that Ant-Man will turn evil, which is unlikely. This movie has a short time to go with it being released on the 6 of July this Summer. If you’re looking a good Summer movie, the “small” Ant-Man will deliver in a big way.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer: