Goodbye Dana: See You Next Year!

Goodbye Dana: See You Next Year!

Eliana Flores, Staff Writer

Dear Dana Middle School Students,

This year has been an exciting year here at Dana. Although, shaky, at times, but all in all we had a great year. Sure there were the typical fights and the pulling of fire alarms, but on the positive side there were successful bake sales, awesome dances such as the Halloween Dance, and the Valentines’ Day Dance. We got to decorate doors at  Halloween and Christmas time (the contest was great), and we had many projects.

In each grade level there were different projects to do as well. The 6th grade STEAM magnet got to conduct the Survival project. This entailed how to survive in different biomes such as the Taiga, Tundra, Mediterranean, Tropical Rainforest, The Desert, Deciduous Forest, Temperate Forest, Savanna/ Grasslands and the Polar regions, but the twist was that us sixth graders had to act like we were in the Neolithic Age or the Stone Age.

Then there was The Restaurant Project. Many of us really enjoyed that one. I mean how many kids at the age  of 12 know how to write a business plan? We had to go out to find a location to build a restaurant from the ground up. Our location was at the corner of sixth and pacific in downtown San Pedro. Then we had to go and use the Scrum method to make a restaurant to revitalize the population in  downtown San Pedro. If you don’t know about this project, go and check the article on The Dana Mariner.

I have  definitely grown since starting this year. I noticed I have improved in areas such as Math, History, Science as well  the use of technology to complete assignments. Building a website was truly an educational experience as well as experiencing how to build a business plan. All of these projects were not only fun but it made learning a much more fun experience.

My goal for the future is to graduate from this program here at Dana, graduate from San Pedro High School, and eventually go to Cornell University in New York to become a Veterinarian. My advice to anyone who attends Dana Middle School is to not be late on any assignments, do not be late to class, and don’t dich any classes to show teachers you care about education and there time. This school year has came to a rapid end, but next year we will have a better year and I am looking forward to what the next year will be.