A Letter to Future 6th Graders


Denis Mardesich, Staff Writer

Dear future 6th graders,

In my first year as a middle school student I have learned many things to prepare me for the future, while also having to get through many changes from the usually simple and orthodox routines of an elementary school. However being a student at Dana has definitely taught me much more important things, in a more interesting in environment. My 6th grade year has definitely been fun, and I can’t wait for the next few years I will spend attending this school.

One of the most fun learning experiences has been attending Dana’s Steam Magnet Program, through it I’ve learned that technology can offer interesting methods of learning and give more efficient and organized assignments that keep you from being lost in seas of work and losing important papers. This program definitely allowed me to view education in many different ways.

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed a lot about middle school is different class periods. This allows for more focused learning environments through a certain time period dedicated to a specific subject. This also prepares students for the learning environments that are seen in your typical high school. I prefer this schedule much more than that of an elementary school because the overall learning environment is much less chaotic then what I was once used to.

Overall, my 6th grade year has been a great period of growth for me and an even better one for learning new things. And although it may seem hard for a 5th grader moving in to middle school to get used to this experience I assure you that it’ll be easier than you expect.


Denis Mardesich