Guide For Incoming STEAM 6th Graders


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

The STEAM program has many projects and pieces of work, or just other stuff like Khan Academy and Google Classroom. Some of the main projects are the Restaurant Project and Neolithic Project. These are both PBLs, also known as project-based learning.  The Restaurant project is a project where teams of 4 or 5 work together to make a restaurant (not a real one). The Neolithic project is also a team of 4 or 5 trying to survive in the wild like the Central African Republic. One tip about the PBL is to never, by never I mean NEVER procrastinate because one late thing will turn into two, then three, and on and on.

   Khan is a math website, but could also be used for other stuff like tech and history. In science you will get slides which can be hard but if you take your time and do about 2-3 slides a day, depending on what type of slide like health, you will be fine. English can be a hard one, with reading counts and all of the work at school, but you will be fine. Note: You can not do reading counts at home, only at school.

Math is Khan which is a pretty hard one because you need to 80% by the end of the semester, which sounds easy but with all of the other work, you will get distracted with the other math stuff. And History has an important unit project by the end of the school year. The rest of history is simple and sometimes fun, but the papers can be hard if you don’t listen to the lessons, so ALWAYS listen. I didn’t have Mr. Seiple, but he is a cool tech teacher I was told.

   6th grade may be hard, but if you do your work, and don’t forget your password, you will be alright at the (mostly) wonderful Dana Middle School.