Dear Incoming 7th Graders


Emerson Marquez, Staff Writer

My 7th grade year experience has been surprisingly different from what I thought this year would encompass. As a sixth grader or more commonly known as ‘scrub’, I thought the seventh grade year would just be a passing year into eighth grade, with nothing really important happening. But for the most part I was wrong. During my 7th grade year, I would say that I’ve grown both mentally and physically as a person more than any other year.

For incoming seventh graders, there should be a few basic facts that you should know before coming into the seventh grade.

First, seventh grade goes by fast, and by the end of the year you will realize that 7th grade went by as fast as it came. Also, in my opinion 7th grade has also been the ‘true form’ of middle school. This is because in sixth grade year you’re getting adjusted into the new middle school life, and in eighth grade your getting ready for high school. So 7th grade is the one year your able to truly be a middle schooler.

Another thing you should be aware of is that P.E. gets harder in seventh grade compared to sixth grade. But don’t fret because you do adjust and in my case you get better in multiple areas.

And one last piece of advice that I know some people will disagree with is that relationships don’t count till high school. And to be perfectly honest I’ve never been in a relationship, so you might tell me that I don’t know what it’s like. But I’ve seen a lot of relationships here at Dana and most of those relationships either end with an unsavory breakup or just someone’s heart being broken. But just to be clear, not all relationships are like that and though it might not be likely but you may just find your true love in middle school, but still unlikely, just let me crush all your dreams.