Middle School: In an Instant!

For some students, middle school goes by in a flash!

Jared Arbolario, Staff Writer

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To many people, thoughts about the lengths of time are different. To some, a second is incredibly long, and to others, a decade flies by in an instant. But to the majority of graduating middle schoolers, “it went by really fast.”

Although 3 years, 36 months, 156 weeks, or 1095 days seems very long, and it is indeed. But the moment we realize how close the end is, those 3 years seem to have past in a short period of time.

But for those coming in another year, or for those coming in fresh, how can you “slow” down the time and appreciate the experiences at Dana? Although it may not work for you, I have some advice to newcomers and returning students.

First, for the new students, one important thing is not to stress out the moment you walk onto the campus. For many people, especially teenagers, stressing out creates a border between that person’s mind and the present.

“Keep your eyes down to the ground, and you won’t see what’s coming to you, look up to the skies, and your head will stick in the clouds. But when you keep your sights to the horizon, you’ll be right on track.” When you look around and see what’s happening then and there, life gets easier!

During 6th, and even part of 7th, work and outside activities started to pile up on my schedule. Homework, time-management, regrets, and hopes all accumulated from the back to the front of my mind. Stress made school harder, and life wasn’t so fun. But after some time to pay attention to the present, all those things to think about started to sort themselves out.

Even if you’re always focused, many times, people will become obsessed with how others see them, and some consider it self-conscious.

In middle school, many of the students change due to a different environment and are normally not themselves. Characteristic is important, especially when it is unique. But when peer pressure kicks in, teens start to ignore their own judgments and pay attention to the judgments of others.

To add, people at school will start to change the way you think, priorities, and virtues. Middle school is a time where teens are still trying to find their identity, and other teens tend to shape their identity along the way.

Especially at the beginning of my path in middle school, I didn’t really know who I was. Yes, I knew my name, but I still needed time to find out my identity. And since the start, my experience helped me figure out who would let me be me, and those who’d rather have me be them.

Now alongside with this, it is important to have good morals. There is a myriad of different morals and virtues, but some include respect and wisdom. When you respect another person, there is a higher chance they’ll treat you the same way. And with wisdom, you can make good decisions on what you do at school.

And as you go on your way during the days, you’ll notice that people and teachers will start to like certain students better. Why? Well, normally, it’s because those students have shown signs of respect to others.

Although we all aren’t perfect, and might not be able to do all of these, when we at least start to try, we could have a better experience at Dana. And again, for those who have yet another year at Dana, be yourself, don’t think too hard, and keep your morals close.