Disneyland’s Dumbo Ride Gets An Upgrade


Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

We all remember the first Elephant who could fly.  Can you remember? Maybe this would help you, “Dumbo the Great!”   That is from the 1941 Walt Disney Classic movie Dumbo. Dumbo was such a hit that Disney decided to include the ride in their grand opening. Ever since then, the Dumbo ride has become one of the most famous attractions at Disneyland. That has not been the case in these past  few months. Something bad has happened at Disneyland, something so terrible that it has affected my childhood. The Dumbo Ride has closed!

Thankfully, it will not be closed forever. Disney has made the choice to remodel all of the Dumbos on the ride. They will have fresh, new paint, new structures, and a new queue for riders to stand in line.

Why now? This ride has not been updated since it’s 1955 grand opening. Disneyland will be starting the remodel on January 8th, 2019 and will open during the Springtime before the 2019 summer rush.

Disneyland has been selling the old Dumbos out to an auction for the past couple of months. Each Dumbo is worth over $43,000. That is a lot to sell something for, but if you have been to Disneyland or the Disney store, then you would know Disneyland overprices their stuff.

Some Dana Middle School students have opinions on this classic ride.  One seventh grade student, Sicily James, said “I don’t feel good about this ride being closed because they are taking away children’s dreams, and this is a once in a lifetime ride…and they say Disneyland is a magical place… but it is not going to be magical if they take away one of their oldest rides.”  Another 7th grader Emery Jovel adds “I think that they should repaint the old ones because it is a really fun ride and kids enjoy it a lot.” 

Overall, this ride is a classic ride that should not be taken down, but this remodel will bring a fresh new look to Disneyland. This ride will be loved for generations and this remodel will take Dumbo to the next level. Dumbo will fly on for more generations to come and we will love all of the new memories on the new Dumbo ride.