Dana’s PE Program Helps Promote Physical Activity and Well-Being

This was an image of a Dana Pe class in progress.

This was an image of a Dana Pe class in progress.

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

The Physical Education program, commonly referred to as PE, at Dana Middle School provides an amazing program to help students increase their physical activity and promote students to stay healthy and promote well being.

Mr. Auborn, a new PE teacher here at Dana Middle School, loves teaching basketball, “My favorite sport here is basketball. I actually coach at San Pedro High School.” It is very cool to have a basketball coach teach you how to play basketball. Mr. A also asserts that many students here like to play soccer during PE activity times.

Also, sometimes PE teachers plan fun activities like rock paper scissors battle, capture the flag, kickball, and even class competitions. During the class competitions it is like one class against another like in volleyball, soccer, or basketball.

According to the “California Physical Education content standards,” students should be able to “Assess one’s own muscle strength, muscle endurance, aerobic capacity, flexibility, and body composition by using a scientifically based health-related fitness assessment, evaluate individual measures of physical fitness in relationship to patterns of physical activity, develop individual goals, from research-based standards, for each of the five components of health-related physical fitness, and Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity a minimum of four days each week.” The PE teachers all keep up with this expectation so that the school stands up to the standards.

Most of the PE teachers have at least one period off but some teachers like Mr. Auborn and Mr. Olguin teaches all periods. Also, some teachers teach Elective PE which is PE but for kids who either did not want an elective or did not get an elective. In this class you play sports, and games. It is like normal PE but you don’t have run days.

Have fun in PE!