Rock: From Then To Now


A Collage of Various Popular Rock Bands from Throughout the Genre's Extensive History.

Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

Rock and Roll, it’s been around forever, from your dad’s radio to mosh pits, there is no doubt that rock has influenced almost all of our lives, and from its birth in the Southern United States in the 1950’s to today, it’s definitely changed quite a bit.


Rock was born in the form of Rock and Roll in the early 1950’s, being popularized by musical legend Elvis Presley, who brought Rock and Roll from a miniscule genre to a musical titan, paving way for thousands of other artists to come and create, only adding to the legacy of not only rock, but music as a whole.


In the 1960’s rock was only growing larger and larger, with legendary artists such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, and The Rolling Stones emerging out of the blue to create legendary songs. The 1960’s also brought many different subgenres of rock as Rock and Roll itself started to branch off into many types of rock music. 1969 was also home to the infamous Rock festival Woodstock, a festival that offered 3 days of pure rock, with infamous artists banding together in an overload of amazing performances that helped shaped rock of the decades to come.


Then came the 70’s, arguably the period at which rock music was at his peak, The Beatles break up with their last album “Let it Be” being released, fans mourn the death of Jimi Hendrix, and as rock spreads further across the pond, bands such as The Clash began to emerge while other English bands, such as Led Zeppelin, continued to produce more and more hits. More and more bands began to tour and perform and rock really started to flourish and thousands traveled from across the globe to see their favorite bands perform.

A 1980’s Newspaper, notifying the public of the tragedy that was John Lennon’s Death.

The 80’s, rock continued as strong as ever, however the year was kicked off on a bad note, with the death of musical legend John Lennon affecting the lives of many music fans. However a few good things did come out of the 80’s in terms of rock, and music as a whole, with the birth of infamous TV channel MTV, and many other artists continuing to release hits, however, the 80’s also birthed many other popular music genres that, at times, overshadowed rock music, although  it was still strong, however, soon enough rock would experience a great change.

The 90’s, the end of the 1900’s as a whole, offered many changes to rock music as a whole, giving birth to the grunge era, birthed from Goth Rock, grunge offered a more dark and depressed take on rock music, this era was when alternative rock was born. Bands such as Nirvana provided a very sad experience that wasn’t often heard in rock, while bands such as Weezer offered very interesting sounds. However, Grunge did eventually die out and rock was sadly beginning to fade out of the mainstream towards the end of the era.

In the 2000’s the world was also introduced to Pop Rock, with songs that could vary from energetic and upbeat, to sad and slow. However, it was at this time that rock was beginning to become more and more of an indie genre, and that led us to the modern day.

Nowadays, in the 2010’s, rock may not be in the mainstream of musical relevance, but small bands in the indie scene continue to make amazing songs that try to hold on to the massive epidemic that was rock, and they aren’t doing that bad of a job doing it.


“Rock music is important because it has a unique style that inspires a lot of other artists,” says 7th grader William Sanchez.

So that’s about it for the evolution of rock, however that is only the beginning of the genre’s extensive and deep history. Rock music will continue to live on and hold on for it’s legacy for years to come, as our parents play it to us and we play it to our kids, it’s likely that at least a piece of rock will be held on to for generations to come.