Struggles Of A Kpop Idol

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Struggles Of A Kpop Idol

Sydney Delgado, Staff Writer

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People these days are judging K-pop for all the wrong reasons, even sometimes disrespecting their hard work. Whether it’s the music video, idols, or the song itself, people always seem to judge K-pop and take it as a joke.

K-pop is a genre of music that is meant to represent South Korea’s type of music. The three biggest K-pop legends at the moment being BigBang, Bts, and Girls Generation. These groups are the K-pop legends for making their music reach to the US. Originally for South Korea, they wanted to make K-pop well known to make more profit in one of their biggest businesses. But in 2012, PSY, came out with his hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ which reached the US and ruined South Korea’s chance of reaching their goal since the song got so much hate and caused K-pop to look like a joke more than an art. 

Ever since K-pop has made its way over to the US and become worldwide, people haven’t been taking K-pop seriously and even judge it for all the wrong reasons. Some people call K-pop annoying or even judge the male artists for wearing makeup and wearing certain clothes.

Bts’s Suga wearing makeup for stage performance.

For example, K-pop trainees sign a contract to their company with a set of rules, expectations, and requirements each trainee needs to have. All trainees need to have at least average skills of singing, acting, dancing, and having the visuals. By signing the contract, these trainees are put on strict diets, a harsh sleep schedule, extreme dancing and vocal training, and much more.

Gfriend’s SinB fainting on stage from exhaustion.

When these trainees become idols, their company gives them song lyrics to sing, choreographies to memorize, and concepts to follow. Unless if the groups are far more successful, they get to write their own songs, have their own concepts, and create their own dances. But even if these idols receive a certain respect from their companies, that doesn’t stop the crazy training and sometimes idols even faint from poor nutrition and lack of sleep.

K-pop deserves better since they work hard and risk their lives everyday to do what they love. We should all have a little taste of K-pop in our lives.