Fortnite: What You Need to Know


Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

Fortnite has changed a lot ever since the last article with BlockBuster, Road Trip, and much more, but before we get to the updates and other information let’s hear some Fortnite history. Fortnite had its first reveal in the year of 2011, when memes were good, where it didn’t have much but a young boy who is blowing up a building and taking the resources while recording it, then a monster called a troll, which is a small quick monster which steals blue glow in Save the World, and it ends. For years we would get tiny hints and Epic Games,  the makers of Fortnite and are famous for Gears Of War 4, would keep saying the next year, until 2017 when it finally came out with a huge fanbase.

What is Save the World you ask, Save the World is a tower defense game with a 3d shooter aspect. There are multiple objectives which have stuff like protect Lars Van and destroy the enchantment. Most of the time the game is just building your weapons from a siegebreaker to a Zapertron, collecting materials like screws and wood, and fighting. Some of the “monsters” you fight in the game include the husk, beehive, zapper, husky husk, lobber, midget, pitcher,   Some weapons can be used in different situations like a shotgun for close and a sniper for long range. There are three main ways to get weapons in this game. The first way is to spend V Bucks, which can be bought or collected in the game, and buy a llama. The second way is to find schematics, which is in the llamas or collected for completing missions and other stuff. And the third thing is to trade with others. There are five different areas with different missions which progressively get harder the more you play.

Now, let’s talk about Battle Royale. Fortnite Battle Royale has definitely grown since April. Youtubers and Twitch Streamers have thrived off this game getting tens of thousands of dollars a month. The game has had more players and more content, in the recent updates there have been changes which have done a ton to the game. One big update was the introduction to season 4, this had taken out the classic Dusty Depot and added Dusty Divot which is a destroyed version of the Depot which has been hit by a meteor which took out the far right building and cut the other to buildings. It had added a mansion for the superheroes, oh, I forgot to talk about the theme of the season which is superheroes and villains.

The main antagonist of this long story is Omega and Carbine, which the extra people like Valor, Zoey, Battle halk, and more. Other stuff that was added is tiny craters around the make, the destruction of the prison, the small building is tilted, and the villain base. The villain base had a rocket which was speculated to hit Tilted Tower at the end of the season, which is the second time the fans were like they will destroy Tilted, that won’t happen. At the end of the season there was a timed event which had the new antagonist, The Visitor, who shot the rocket trying to leave the main island which fortnite is one, but the rocket malfunctions and crashes almost hitting Tilted but getting teleported making a rift, then it goes over moisty, then again almost hitting the loot lake, and going into the sky which made rifts leading up to season five.

Fortnite Season 5, Worlds Collide. This season had been a huge thing which got rid of stuff and added others, but not all in the game. Epic Games had a great idea which very few other games had done, but it was huge, what this idea was is a rift in the game which can be used like a launchpad, which shoots you up into the air. But, in this case, the rifts took stuff like llamas and teleported them into our world. For example, the durr burger was in the California Desert, Llamas throughout Europe, and other fortnite stuff. There is a huge theory throughout searching which goes from note cards to morse code, it’s awesome and not solved yet. A great way to know about this stuff is a video from the Game Theorist which talks about the theory in full.

Also, recently they added a cube moving around the map leaving anti-gravity zones. The origins of the cube are not completely known, but the stuff we do know is it was formed from lightning in the new location, Paradise Palms. Paradise Palms in originated from the sand coming from one of the big rifts, which covered the place called Moisty Mire which was a huge swamp with a prison. Paradise also brought a ton of golf carts and also made the race track an actual good place to go. Other big stuff which was brought during this season was our lord and savior the tomato head gods, which is Tomato Temple which replaced Tomato Town. There is Dusty Diner which is not a named place but did replace the mostly intact area of the original Dusty Depot. They add rift in a can which is a port-rift, a zip line, and more.

Almost every patch update adds a new LTM. LTMs are limited timed game modes which are stuff like 50v50, which never really leaves and solid gold. Here are a few of them, Getaway which is squads game, the objective is to steal a crystal llama with your squad and get to the getaway van to the sweet victory. Playground which is 60 minutes with only 4 people in your games just to play around. Thanos, which is a game mode based on the supervillain which there is one gantlet, whoever gets the gauntlet, well, just kills everyone. There are more but those are just a few.

Skins are a big part of the game, skins have no competitive advantage, but are used just to look cool. My favorites are the Raven, Ravage, Ski Skins, elite agent, and Ragnarok.

One thing I did not address is what the game is. Fortnite Battle Royale is a 100 player battle royale game. The point of the game is to get the victory against the other 100 players. Collect, build, and destroy.

What makes the game popular is the mass fan base of Save the World, which played battle royale then start to love the game. Another is the streams who promote the game by playing too. Some of them are Ninja, Myth, Drlupo, Tfue, and others. A few other ways this game became popular is how the game is played and it’s mechanics which this 7th grader who does not want to be named says “I love the building aspect of the game because it is so unique”, the growing battle royale popularity and others who play the game tell others which goes on in an almost endless cycle until the game dies.

In the recent 5.40 update, they change so many things. They changed so many weapon rarities, from the silenced pistol going from epic and legendary to rare and epic, the semi-auto sniper went from epic and legendary to uncommon and rare, to see the others, because there are a lot, go to the V5.40 Patch notes. Other stuff in the patch notes is the improved lag for Nintendo Switch players.

The Galaxy Note 9 exclusive skin in Fortnite Battle Royale

While talking about Nintendo Switch players, recently they added Nintendo Switch and Android to play Fortnite. Something notable about this is how Nintendo is letting the switch players play with Xbox players, why this is remarkable is because how Sony is like, we won’t let our players play with those, Xbox and Switch players. And why the Android is a big deal is because if you pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 9 you would get 15,000 V Bucks and the Epic Galaxy Skin, which is an awesome skin. And with the end of this article, I just, hope you enjoyed. Also, I know I got stuff wrong and didn’t have some stuff, but again, I hope you enjoy.