Stefan Karl: Always Number One

Stefan Karl: Always Number One

Tanner Wymore, Staff Writer

Stefan Karl Stefansson, popularly known from the internet meme We are number one, as the character Robbie Rotten from the television show LazyTown, has died of cancer at age 43. He had been diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer(Cholangiocarcinoma) in 2016 and in March of this year, he was considered inoperable in his condition.

Who was Stefan Karl? Stefan Karl Stefansson was an Icelandic actor born in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland on July 10, 1975. He wasn’t known for much of anything before acting in LazyTown, but afterwards, he was loved by kids and the internet where he became a popular meme around 2015 and 2016 when a meme account was created for him on Facebook. The show had already been popular among kids keeping the show alive for 10 years from 2004 to 2014 but after reaching the internet the show was kept alive with funny videos based on the material, mainly the song “We are Number One”.

The song “We are Number One” was a song involving the villain from the tv show (played by Stefan Karl) singing an odd tune with clones of himself. It was such an odd video, of course the internet got a hold of it. The song even got it’s own heavy metal version and many other wonky videos. Stefan Karl enjoyed the attention and released a video of him performing the song with him and a couple of friends.

People are sad to see him go including seventh grader William Sanchez who stated,“ I watched LazyTown and I loved the show, so for me it’s sad to see him pass like this.”  And 8th grader, Andrew Kirkpatrick, answered when asked about cancer awareness, responded “ Yeah for sure because the thought of cancer is a risky thing to talk about, many people have gotten diagnosed with cancer in 2018 alone, and making jokes about cancer, sure, it’s funny sometimes, but we need to understand everyone can get cancer, even famous people, but dealing with cancer can have a big emotional effect in the family alone and friends around, but in the end we should all know that if anyone has cancer, to just be kind to them. ”

He made people happy, which is something that can do more than you think. In his last moments he played the ukulele with family by his side. Stefan’s Wife, stated, “ Per Stefan’s wishes, there will be no funeral. His earthly remains will be scattered in secrecy in a distant ocean. ”  Many people felt sadness for the man at his last moments, and the happiness he gave to the world was phenomenal, which is why he should be remembered and in the hearts of his fans.