Hurricane Hits Hawaii

Megan Watson, Staff Writer

On August 24, a hurricane hit Hawaii and it was the most intense hurricane in Hawaii since 2006. Hurricane Lane was the second hurricane to hit at a category 5 strength, but thankfully soon after the hurricane hit, it’s strength dropped to a category 3.

Hurricane Lane originated from a tropical wave that began producing disorganized thunderstorm activity. This hurricane damaged many homes, and has also caused a lot of structural damage throughout Maui. Lane is very rare, not like any other recent tropical cyclones.  

Throughout the days of the hurricane, it brought heavy rains to Hawaii County, which caused many mudslides and flash floods. It is ranking as one of the most rainy tropical cyclones that have hit the U.S.

“I feel sorry for the people that live on Maui, but I am glad that the hurricane died down soon after it started, ” said Bonnie Campbell, a seventh grader at Dana Middle School.

Gov. David Ige formally requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration as hurricane Lane inched towards the Hawaiian islands.

Ige said, “Today the state is seeking help from federal grants and other programs to cover the costs of the storm,” as reported in The Star Advertiser. In total, Hurricane Lane lasted from August 11 all the way to August 29.