The Next Big Thing To The Hubble

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The Next Big Thing To The Hubble

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

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In 2007, NASA announced plans for a bigger, better space telescope that will change the world. Soon, with a newer telescope, we will be able to locate solar systems throughout the galaxy.

NASA is making this space telescope to see further than the Hubble Space Telescope.  The Hubble Space Telescope is a telescope that is supposed to gather light from other solar systems, so scientists can get a better view of space. This 131.4 meter long space telescope is called the James Webb Space Telescope or the JWST for short. This space telescope will be able to see heat readings from other solar systems, which will allow the James Webb to see farther than the Hubble.

6th Grade STEAM Magnet Science teacher, Mr. Rahmanou said that “to make a better space telescope you would need high iso (which is International Standards Organization) and it needs to be light sensitive.”

The James Webb has many parts to it. Two of the most important parts are the Sun shields that help cool down the telescope, which is the size of a tennis court. The other important part of the space telescope is the mirrors, and the mirrors are made from per gold because when gold is polished enough it make a mirror, but these mirrors are not for looking at the reflection, it’s for seeing heat signatures. Every Solar System has heat signatures even the Solar System that have ice planets.

The James Webb Space Telescope will be launch from Arianespace’s ELA-3 launch complex at European spaceport located near French Guiana in 2021 but NASA might delay the launch date for the 5th time. The James Webb Space Telescope will not last forever, it’s battery pack will only last so many years but NASA sill does not know how long it will last in space.

The James Webb was inspired by origami and the way big origami pieces can be light so that is how NASA is planning to launch the James Webb, but NASA said “After launch, the telescope will deploy on its 30-day, million-mile journey out to the second Lagrange point.”

Then the James Webb will start locating Solar Systems beyond the hubble space telescope, but NASA is worried of one thing, if anything goes wrong when the telescope is unfolds they are scruded. The space telescope is so far away it farther than the space station out there, for instance when the Hubble’s first pictures came to earth they came out fussy so NASA sent the space stasion to fix the Hubble. The James Webb is so far away that NASA’s space station can’t reach it and it will just be useless for NASA, and just think 8.7 million dollar throw away if the James Webb does not work.

The James Webb Space Telescope will change the who worlds perspective, and the way the people look in space. If all goes to plan NASA will have the biggest space telescope in the world next to the Hubble space telescope.