The Death of A Musician: A Musical Tragedy

A drawing of a few of music's most infamous artist to pass away.

A drawing of a few of music's most infamous artist to pass away.

Denis Mardesich, A&E Editor

The death of a musician is a very tragic event, and unfortunately it seems to happen quite frequently in modern times, and although these are tragedies, it is still important to realize how and what led to their deaths.

As mentioned before, a musicians passing is, unfortunately, not a rare event and the environment in which a famous person is put into is often a factor in these tragedies. In these environments, the life of a famous musician could be one of the worst because, although being famous does mean many, many fun things, it also factors in to instances of drug abuse and alcoholism in musicians of all ages.

Not to mention that being famous comes with an expectation of more and more releases to retain that fame, this pressure can lead to constant nervousness, anxiety, and even depression, which sadly, can lead to suicides and some of the most tragic deaths in music history.

However, besides the tragedy of a musician’s death, it seems that communities often try to make the best out of these passings. In fact, many fans of musicians hold special events to honor an artist such as candlelight vigils, festivals and concerts in their honor, memorials, and many more. In fact, some can even view the death of a musician as a tragedy that causes new art to flourish.

Due to this, many people seem to take a lot of notice in deceased artist, one of the most notable things to come out of this is the 27 Club.

The 27 Club is a “club” that documents the hundreds of artists that died at the strangely specific age of 27. People started to take notice of this occurrence when a fake statistic stated that an abnormal amount of people were dying at the age of 27. SInce then the 27 club has became more popular than ever, even having a record company named after it with a studio in Hollywood. Notable members of the 27 Club include Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and many more.

Not to mention that the death of a musician often puts more of their music in the public, making more and more people appreciate their art. However, it still is a tragedy to see that artists can’t see their success in it’s full form.

In the end, the death of a musician is undoubtedly sad, but it’s in the wake of tragedy where we should try to be more optimistic and find a way to appreciate art more than we did before.